Growth rout Mashuk-KMV

[Img =] As part of the 40th round of the Rostov took in his field "Mashuk-KMV" from Pyatigorsk. This match was the first for the team of Oleg Dolmatova in the status of Premier League club. Home defeat for the 7th minute put Bosnian striker Mersudin Akhmetovich, dobivshy ball after Kondratjuk rescued before a shot Kozhanova. After another 10 minutes Akhmetovich bitingly shot into the far corner — 2:0. Then stir Gatskan, successfully breaking through from outside the goalkeeper. 4th ball was held after a precise shot from the penalty Dmitry Akimov. In the end the inning double designed Gatskan, head crossing the ball in the net after the transfer Zivanovic. After the break, "growth" had a few good opportunities, but was only able to score once. Kozhanov powerful shot into the bottom corner after a free kick, setting the final result — 6:0. This victory was the largest for the "growth" of the season.

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