Gubkin — a city of young

City Gubkinskii (Yamal) was founded April 22, 1986. In 1996 it became a city district values. City Gubkinskii (named after a famous geologist Ivan Gubkin) is located in the south of the Pur district of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District), on the left bank of the river Pyaku-Pur, 250 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. At 16 km from the railway station purpe Dorogan Tyumen-Surgut-New Urengoy. The city is located north of the taiga zone, where, along with conifers, deciduous trees grow. Beautiful countryside is rich forb meadows and pastures reindeer moss.

The youngest city in the Yamal Peninsula has arisen in connection with the industrial development of the most northerly in the Tyumen region oil and gas fields, looking for supplies and unique properties. The town is conveniently located near all major fields and associated road and rail arteries to the major cities of Western Siberia and Russia. The most important resource of the city, its main potential — is its people, whose number is slightly more than 25 thousand people, and the average age is only 26 years old. The main industries are oil and gas. The city based units of the three largest companies in the Yamal Peninsula — OAO "Gazprom" (Gubkin and Komsomolsk gas fields LLC "Gazprom mining Noyabr’sk") and OAO "NK" Rosneft "(" RN-Purneftegas), OAO "Gazprom Neft — NNG." In addition, the city has a developed gas processing — "Gubkinskii gas processing plant." Oil and gas extraction and gas processing industries combine to produce up to 98% of the total output of industrial production of the city. Mosque. The city administration is always concerned about the increasing comfort of living of the population: landscaped residential complex, developed telephone network, there are shops and a pharmacy, a bakery and confectionary, dairy and restaurants. Successfully operate kindergartens and schools associated with the best universities in the country. The city opened two palaces of culture, cultural and recreational center and a library, a music school, a children’s sports school. Speaking of cultural leisure, not to mention the Museum of Northern Development, which entered the top 20 Russian museums. In December 1996 Gubkinskoye given the status of district subordination. And, despite the fact that the city’s young, Gubkin all have something different settlement from the city. Over the past few years created, staffed and successfully operate all city administrative offices. Markedly changed too Gubkinskii. Next to the old village grew five-story wooden two-story building housing estates, nine-story tower over the city. The administration of the city. Office "RN — Purneftegas." Gubkin — one of the youngest cities in Russia. In April 2011, marked the 25th day of his birth, and in December — another anniversary: 15 years since then, when the law of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District number 38 of 2 December 1996 Gubkinskii village for the first time in the modern history of Russia was granted city status district command and was included in the list of municipalities autonomous area. Gaining Gubkinskaya status of the city contributed to the implementation of new features in future budget authority in matters of local importance, and — most important — providing the public the most comfortable environment for living. Towering above the buildings boom cranes — one of the main features of any state of the economy of the village. In 2002 adopted a new master plan, which provided a system development Gubkin, which is now actively under construction. City, modern, cozy and beautiful, famous not only for the beautiful nature and the development of production, but also the remarkable traditions, hard work and hospitality of its inhabitants. A gubkintsy are worthy of the title of the townspeople, love the city, seeking to make it more beautiful, more comfortable, more comfortable. City Gubkinskii — a member of the Union of Russian towns, Cities Alliance Arctic and the High North, the Association of Siberian and Far Eastern cities. School. The administration of the city. City hospital. The residential complex. Orthodox church. House of Bread. The new sports complex. Buildings. Pioneers Monument.

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