Gunsmiths work of the Chelyabinsk region attracted the interest of Americans

Together with the official delegation of the Chelyabinsk region, headed by Governor Mikhail Yurevich, the U.S. went to the guild of master gunsmiths Chrysostom. She represents the best prints and decorated weapon on jewelry exhibition, launched at the hotel «Congress Plaza».

The works of the Ural craftsmen aroused great interest among the participants, guests and visitors. The exhibition includes work shops "face" factory "Oruzheynik" Company "A & R", "MAOK," "The Practice" and "RosOruzhie."

It is noteworthy that Zlatoust engraving has exhibited in Chicago «Congress Plaza» in 1893. The total weight of all presented on an exhibition of 50 pounds (800 kg), and the cost — three thousand silver rubles. Following the exhibition Zlatoust plant was awarded the gold medal for the decoration and the quality of the products.

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