Half a million pike larvae released in Pskov lake

More than 500 thousand pike larvae were released into lakes Velikoluksky, Dedovichi, Kunya, Nevel, Pustoshka areas in the framework of the regional state program to restore the population of large carnivores in 2013.

Work on introduction of a new residence in the waters of pike larvae were held in the period from 16 to 20 May. Growing pike larvae and perform her release from the regional budget is Alolskaya scientific экспериментальнаяпроизводственная base. With the release of pike was attended by representatives of the customer — the staff of the State Committee for Nature and Environmental Protection, as well as employees of Fisheries and FSI "Sevzaprybvod." The paper also took part in hunting inspector.

This year, the stocking was a 15-tivodoemah five areas: Lake eagle, canine, Zorita, Uritskoye, Clean Velikoluksky area Gorodnovskoe, Ivankovskoe, fiber, UZSK (Peter) Dedovichi area Vesnebolog Pustoshka area Plissa, shelter (Ribnitsa), assimilate Nevel and the Lake District and Zhekto Zhizhitskoe Kunya district.

Recall that similar work on introduction of pike have become annual and held since 2008 by various bodies of water area in accordance with a program developed by the Department of Pskov FGBNU "GosNIORKh."

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