Half a million trees planted conifers environmentalists in the Altai Mountains in two weeks

Already half a million conifer seedlings donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia and the company-sponsored, landed in the Altai Mountains in mid-May of this year in place of dead and felled trees, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, a representative of the Altai-Sayan Branch of WWF Russia Tatiana Ivanitskaya.

In early May, she told me that the fund together with the cosmetics company Yves Rocher has presented the Altai Mountains one million trees. New Forest — the young fir, larch and pine trees that are planted forestry experts of the Altai Mountains, will appear in 2012 in six forestry, planting will be carried out mainly stands on the site of the dead, and in clearings in different years. Planting area exceeds 310 hectares, accounting for 30% of the area of annual tree planting carried out at the expense of the state budget funds and tenants of forests (annual area where the average — 1,000 hectares).

"The work started in mid-May, as soon as the weather is established, and already 500,000 new seedlings are planted. Plantations completed Chemalsky, Ongudaysky, Ust-Koksinsky and Ust-Kan forest areas, completed in Mayminsky Shebalinskiy and forest areas. Foresters planted two to three-year seedlings and already in the middle of the summer will be to assess the survival rate of young trees, "- said the representative of the Altai-Sayan Branch of WWF Russia with reference to forest program coordinator of WWF-Russia Alexander Bryukhanova.

It is planned that completely planting forests in the Altai Republic will be completed in early June, and in the Altai Mountains will be 1 million new trees. Later WWF experts will visit the site to monitor the quality of planting new forests and discuss plans for joint work with the regional Ministry of Forestry.

"The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the company Yves Rocher in the Altai Republic, above all, the environmental education of the population, as well as a significant contribution to the future of forests in our region and significant financial assistance in the recovery of dead and felled forests" — says Olga Burilova Engineer, Ministry of Forestry, reforestation of the Altai Republic.

For WWF — this is not the first project of reforestation in the Altai. A few years ago with the help of supporters WWF helped to revive the unique belt forests of the Altai Territory, died in the fires of 1997-1999. During the ten years of the program "Plant your own forest!" by private individuals and companies WWF managed to recover more than a thousand hectares of unique band elections.

Funds restore forests in other regions of Russia, except for Altai region we are talking about the project to restore the forests of the Arkhangelsk region affected by natural disasters (fires, windstorms, etc.). Yves Rocher Foundation has made a commitment to plant 50 million trees worldwide by 2013. They planted forest in Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and other countries around the world. Russia — the second country in terms of landings after India.


RIA Novosti, Elena Kozlova

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