Half of the cross-country skis sold in the world is produced in Russia

Every second pair of cross-country skis, sold all over the world is produced in Russia on Balabanovsky factory in the Kaluga region. All of these skis are sold under false labels. Only the company has its own production of Fischer skis, comparable production volume with Balabanovsky factory. Fischer’s principal manufacturing facilities are located in the Ukraine in the former Soviet factory for the production of skis in Mukachevo.

Balabanovo ski factory has contracts with firms Madshus, Rossignol, Atomic, Karhu, Peltonen, Germina. The factory belongs to the Russian company "Center of Sports Technologies."

The company "Center of Sports Technologies" c formed in 1992, and at the beginning of its activities in the development and manufacture of ski sticks and rackets for tennis.

Production was located in the shops of the pilot plant "Hockey". Since 1992 the development and construction of its own production in Balabanovo.

In 1995, the company is fully transfer its production capacity in Balabanovo. In 1997, DPT starts production of cross-country skis. In 1998, DPT signs first contract for the supply of skis for export. From that moment, the active co-operation with companies KARHU, PELTONEN, MADSHUS, GERMINA.

In 2000 started the production of golf clubs for ice hockey. Since 2002, the DPT contracts for the supply of ski equipment with companies and ROSSIGNOL ATOMIC.

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