Half of the military of the United States suffers from excess weight and

third of heavy drinkers

 According to the Pentagon report, more than half of the military are overweight. In this war the Coast Guard has the worst performance among all the armed forces. Excess weight is recorded more frequently in men (more than half of the cases) than in women (slightly more than one-third of all female soldiers). The report emphasizes that the evaluation was conducted in overweight using BMI (body mass index), which does not take into account the presence of a large muscle mass and therefore can provide a higher (worse) results than it actually is.

Previously, the Pentagon admitted as an exception for military service people who are overweight if they were in good physical shape. Recently, however, the Pentagon is trying to weed out bullies from the Marine Corps, and ordinary seamen.

This is not because such people are less prepared, and for the sole reason that the average male soldier will not be able to pull this stokilogrammovye friend from the affected area, even if the entire excess weight falls on the last muscle.

The report also contains a rather alarming figures associated with alcohol abuse in the military. Neither more nor less — one third of the soldiers declared that they had participated in binge over the past 30 days. In this case, the worst performance on Alcohol Abuse reported among the Marines: every second said that drinking alcohol in large amounts in the last 30 days.

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