HaloPolymer Kirov-Chepetsk launched a new pelletizing line

November 22, 2012 was launched a new line of granulation in the production of Teflon-4MB (FEP) at the enterprise HaloPolymer Kirov-Chepetsk (Kirov region)..

New granulation line will allow the company to increase the production of PTFE-4MB (FEP), while improving the quality of the product produced by the inclusion of the assembly line for melt filtration.

JSC "HaloPolymer" — one of the world’s largest producers of fluoropolymer products (9% of the world market). The only Russian company that produces specialized fluoropolymers (fusible fluoropolymers and ftorkauchuki).

PTFE 4MB (FEP) — one of the products manufactured by enterprises of JSC "HaloPolymer" are in high demand.

The polymer is suitable for use in extremely difficult conditions in a wide range of temperatures and is used in the form of films, wire insulation, electrical, chemical, aviation and rocket building, automotive and mechanical engineering, oil and textile industry, medicine and pharmacology. F-4MB (FEP) is used to produce chemical resistant fibers having non-flammability, durability, physiologically safe and biological stability. For example, the F-4MB (FEP) is used in the manufacture of insulation for cables for submersible pumps in the oil industry (instead of insulation from the use of lead), thus increasing the durability and reliability of a gas-air medium at a temperature of more than 200 C0.

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