Hand over to Syria and Iran in exchange for peace in Russia?

Before the election, the president, rather, ahead of a planned coup forces liberoidnogo minorities (kasyanovskoy "Roundtable on December 12" and "League of Voters" have already declared that no election will not be recognized by them), there are different options for the development of the situation. Thus, one of the main options According to some political analysts still possible scenario Arabic (Egyptian or Libyan) in Russia. has long been no secret that the major player in setting up the rules of the game are the States, are actively working on "promoting democracy" rather destabilization (Alkaid) to countries in Africa and the Middle East which created the so-called. "arc of instability" (see "political tsunami")http://www.golden-ship.ru/blog/1/2011-06-11-20

So, if the United States — the main customer of revolutions, there appear variations, where there is the possibility of "backroom" and "undercover" agreements. [CUT]


Here is what about SE Kurginyan:

"Can ameriakntsy let events (In Russian) develop in a calm scenario? I can not answer this question accurately, but my intuition tells analytical about what they can not. I’ll explain why. Because Americans have somewhere to unleash "bents": in Syria or Iran, or we have — more than anywhere else. They need to unleash "bents" for very different reasons. First of all, just about election: Obama needs public relations, he has to show. In addition there are strategic considerations quickly: they must somehow somewhere something to build up, in order to boost their ratings, and do not give this rating collapse. Finally, there is a genuine strategic reasons: they must change the world. They can not stay too long in this case, to do any breaks, fall back … So they need somewhere to arrange a "Benz". Where? Either in Syria and Iran, or from us. But in the version in which we now exist, especially in the case of Putin’s victory, either in Syria or in Iran, they can not make a "bents" with our support. They can not because we do not support these things now, and will not support in the future, if Putin wins. On the contrary, it seems to me that the willingness to support Iran and Syria and now in Russia more than it has ever been. But if that’s the case, then you can not start "bents" on the Syrian-Iranian direction, as is already beginning to speak cautiously Hillary Clinton. And it remains in the reserve area only Russian. Do not make a "bents" is there — someone will say that it is highly likely, but not me. … In accordance with these yet my inferences, I believe that "bents" will be forced … is preparing a variety of adverse Russian things: and very bloody, it is not excluded, and some unprecedented mass, for a lot of American money and awareness psychological and others. Will be used by all. The liberal wing of the Kremlin will put pressure on those to whom it may exert pressure. "The extra two years," and so on — it’s a proposal in relation to which will be implemented all the measures of pressure. The show at the Swamp, Sakharov and others, this is a show aimed at similar pressures. It’s all play for one actor, who need something to coerce …. I do not see the possibility of successful completion of this situation. " (Kurginyan "The Game 13 http://eot.su/node/11175)

So it is clear that the U.S. needs Russia dissected by fiefdoms (talking about it does not shy), or with the puppet government (Saakashvili 2). So liberoidnaya revolution with white ribbons — the all-American scenario, and those who go there consciously or unconsciously fueling his energy scenario of destruction of Russia. But after February 4 amerikosov showed that Egyptian script from one area will not pass. Therefore, if earlier they probably do not even have to talk with Putin (why and what can be said with Mubarak? Whom have already written off), then after February 4 is either the Libyan scenario, or negotiate. Undoubtedly there are willing to unleash the Libyan scenario in Russia. But they just can not understand that Russia will give the teeth (see the history books), and as said at a meeting on February 23 at ENEA (can "to the capital to carry out" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V69zzcIlD9I). Of course, we do not seize Washington, but there might be hotter than in Afghanistan. Therefore, the rate will not be made by direct invasion, and orange potoskushek (Nemtsov, Ryzhkov, Kasyanov and others like them), and to different grantees sosuschschie organizations to create destabilization (bring crowds to the streets) and possibly cause purchased sluts to power through a coup. Although, again, after February 4, in the lexicon of American esteblishmenta an uncomfortable expression "Syut time", broken Egyptian variant. (The movement of "Essence of Time" was the organizer of the anti-Orange rally at Poklonnaya Hill, which is constantly and persistently passes for pro-Putin, although he is primarily anti-Orange)


And then there is the possibility that one way or another can begin to bargain with the future president. Most likely, the first attempt to destabilize yet to be undertaken. But if the people will show that we are not Egypt, and we can separate the patties from the flies, and Russia did not blow up Facebook, we have a force capable of fighting and at the information, and on the social and political field, not by order of the States or the Kremlin.

If Washington variant with NATO’s intervention in support of "popular discontent" (liberoidnyh belolentochnyh rallies) deem unenforceable, then the U.S. can begin to bargain with the future president, offering him the recognition of the legitimate election in exchange for support of a resolution on Syria and does not intervene in the case of "bens" in Iran. Perhaps these hints will be made in the near future (or already do).

Question: Can the next president to sell Syria and Iran in return for a temporary cease-fire with the main enemy of Russia? On the one hand, this seems like a good deal: we just keep silent when will bomb Iran and Syria, but local liberastnya the go-ahead by the hosts suddenly shut up and congratulate the States with the election of the next president. But on the other hand, the future president, this betrayal still will not forgive. After all, the southern borders very quickly turn into a "Caliphate" under predvaditelstvom Alkaid — that vzraschivaeyut States, creating an "arc of instability." This betrayal eventually, sooner or later hit the traitor himself. It is inevitable.

So be butch or congratulate States with the election of the next president, and then make a "bens" in the direction of the Syrian-Iranian, non-interference in Russia?


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Alexander Smirnov


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