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 Factory-fabricated buildings "Stalkonstruktsiya" is pleased to announce a new video presentation of frame-fabricated building tent series "UNITEC. " 2 minutes we will show you a three-week process of building the hangar area 1050 meters2. The facility has been implemented in the city of Ryazan commissioned the plant "LLC TehnoIzolyatsiya" and became the ninth in a row hangar is on the premises.

 Erected warehouse — is gable building frame which is made on the basis of welded truss structures. The warehouse has a cool design, as walling and roofing used PVC tent a density of 900 g / m2. Warehouse is equipped with 5 hinged gate and fully meets the needs of the contracting authority and the specifics of the stored goods.

Erected warehouse has the following characteristics: wIrina building is 30 m, its length — 35 m. Internal usable height on the wall — 6m, step frame is 4m.

Link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV8eZMhzJdE&feature=channel&list=UL


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Factory-fabricated buildings "Stalkonstruktsiya" specializes in the production of pre-fabricated buildings. Promising company offers its customers a product that can solve some important problems in the business: manufacturing, sports, offices, warehouses and agro-industrial complexes. We supply fully complete prefabricated buildings that are distinguished by their metal content decreased by 25-30%, and thus economic efficiency. Prefabricated buildings series "UNITEC" are buildings without a foundation, and therefore does not require permits for construction. Factory-fabricated buildings "Stalkonstruktsiya" saves your time and money!


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