Happiness is. In Rainbow eliminated all in kindergartens


In Rainbow completely solved the problem with places in kindergartens. The city commissioned a new pre-school — kindergarten "Sprout", designed for 240 seats. It completely covered the existing needs of young raduzhnintsev. Moreover, the parents will even give the opportunity to choose a garden close to the house.
   The new kindergarten has a sports hall and gym, a swimming pool, a music class. In the groups of kids will be able not only to learn and play, but also to receive health treatments. Especially for this purpose in the staffing provided even a single technician. 
  Catherine Sliusar, head of the kindergarten, the Rainbow, "Here children will be offered services phyto bar, physical therapy, which is not in every educational institution there, and we plan to present nutritionist." 
  Kindergarten is built on the already well-proven design. In Rainbow has another same building. The establishment is designed for 240 children. And with its introduction of the City of fully solved the problem with places in kindergartens. There’s even a small reserve — for the future. 
  Sergey Baskakov, the head of administration of the Rainbow: "The problem for detomestam in town for children 3 to 7 years is completely closed, that is, we provide fully for all children. And what’s more, we still reserve seats. So now we are working on the redesign and transfer them to a younger group. We cheated all the areas that we have. And with the introduction of the kindergarten, we completely close the whole problem of the Rainbow by detomestam. " 
  In the full force of the new garden will work in the near future. While in the midst of a set of students. This will not only children still do not attend kindergarten, but also those who now goes to other gardens, and lives next to the "germ."  

 The new kindergarten in Khanty-Mansiysk. 



 In Kogalyma being finished "Birch".

 Pupils Kogalymskoye kindergarten "Birch" waiting for the housewarming. From day to day, they will move into the new building. It is based on the agreement of the county, the city government and oil companies. Work on site go with a month ahead of schedule and has already made 90%. Now the builders backfilled area of the future park, paint fences and arbors installed near the preschool. It is assumed that the garden will take 320 pupils — it is two times more than now attend "Birch". It is expected that an additional set of preschool age children in the new garden will occur in January 2013.





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