Happy Border Guard!

   Border Guards Day is celebrated every year on May 28. This professional holiday takes its countdown to the May 28, 1918, when the decree of the CPC was established Border Guard of the RSFSR. The Russian Federation has the longest border in the world — about 60,000 kilometers and borders with 18 countries. Protection of the state border on a daily basis is more than 11,000 pogrannaryadov, dozens of ships and boats.



Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation almost completed its reform and ready to effectively meet the challenges of protecting and guarding the state border of the Russian Federation.

Now the "green cap" merged into two main areas — the service of guarding the border on land, in rivers and lakes and the coast guard. Russian border guards meet their professional holiday arrangement of active Arctic boundaries revamp park ships and ships, as well as in accordance with international agreements, continue to equip the borders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In these republics has been leased 32 border object of the planned 45.


Help neighbors

As RIA Novosti Public Relations Center of the Federal Security Service, "in the framework of international agreements of the Russian Border Service actively equips units stationed in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Now there are 32 commissioned the border of the object."

Just two republics under the program arrangement provides for border infrastructure construction of 45 objects, including administrative complexes, offices and ancillary buildings equipped with modern autonomous systems engineering and special equipment, and the construction of housing for military families. The frontiers of Abkhazia now protect about 1,300 border guards, and eight-speed boats border projects "Sable" and "Mongoose", South Ossetia — about 1,200 people.

Arctic Frontiers

In addition to helping southern neighbors, Russian border guards took up the improvement of our Arctic borders. Ideally, the Border Service must build a unified system of protection of the state border in the Arctic — from Murmansk to the Bering Strait. In COS FSB reported that already decided to build in the Arctic 20 border units. In each of these items will be on duty up to 20 "green caps."

"In addition, to ensure the safety of maritime oil and gas production facilities, transport, communications and marine resources organized work to establish inter-regional information and coordination center in Murmansk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky," — said the DSP.

In the border forces of note that is supposed to create multiple lines, from Murmansk, near Novaya Zemlya to Wrangel Island, which will be controlled by input from the eastern part of the Arctic, which may well provide effective control over the Arctic. Now for the control of the northern sea route used by aircraft FSB border guard ships on the Murmansk region and the north-eastern coast of the FSB Border Guard.


According to a representative of DSP FSB annually in border authorities supplied about 40 units of modern boats of various projects. Are widely used hovercraft. "Currently, the fleet of new boats is more than 30 percent," — said the DSP.

In addition to high-speed boats guards are going to build several new patrol ships. Thus, according to a DSP at the end of 2011 a contract with JSC Zelenodolsky Gorky plant to build the ship in 2014, will become operational as from 2015 will start batch production.

Previously CEO Zelenodol plant, Renat Mistahov reported that in the spring of 2012 it is planned to start construction of the patrol ship (frigate) 1st rank displacement of about 3,000 tons commissioned by the Coast Guard Russian Federal Security Service of the SS.


Speaking about the reforms of Frontier Service of the Russian Federation, the DSP said that now it is almost finished — Border Troops converted to a system of border enforcement.

"The transition from extra-territorial to the territorial principle of their construction. Designed border guard on the subjects of the Russian Federation, which transferred all powers necessary for the protection of the state border," — said the DSP.

There have also been eliminated unnecessary administrative units eliminated duplicate functions in the system of border authorities. Today, "green cap" merged into two main areas — the service of guarding the border on land, in rivers and lakes and the coast guard patrolling almost 1,000 square kilometers of sea border. "The reforms created a completely new system of border agencies, which in its composition, technical equipment and modes of action can effectively solve the problem of the protection and the protection of state border of the Russian Federation ", — summarized in DSP.


In COS FSB noted that still remains urgent threat to infiltrate our country by international terrorist and extremist organizations. Most at risk in this regard southern and south-eastern parts of the border. Especially challenging to drug trafficking from Afghanistan, in addition, all the more urgent problem of import to Russia of cocaine from Latin America, the synthetic drugs in the north-western and far eastern parts of the border. Requires constant attention and illegal migration in Russia.

In addition, a serious threat to the economic security of the country is illegal cross-border movement of goods and freight, poaching of living aquatic resources in almost all marine areas.

"The current threat of becoming the most problematic character of the areas of the state border, which is not yet resolved the issues of territorial delimitation with neighboring states and completed the work on international legal formalization of land plots of state border," — said the DSP.

There also remain problems related to maritime delimitation in the Black, Azov, Baltic Sea and the Bering Sea and the determination of the legal status of the Caspian Sea.

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