Harmful if sand for Superjet?

Remember that the main advantage of the An-148, on the "Dry" is a high-lying engines? This supposedly allows the aircraft to sit on the ground with the ground or low-quality coating and protects the engine from sucking in his sand and other debris. But Sperjet100, allegedly at such aerodromes will not be able to sit down, he drives like vacuum cleaners, zasosut stopyattsot tons of sand and will be destroyed.

I’m not a professional, but I always seemed a bit dubious assertion. Why? Well, because I always thought that the Sukhoi engineers are no fools. I do not know why I think people tend to believe that they are smarter than everyone else, but sometimes I admit that there are smarter than me. Well, it’s the lyrics.

First, disproving the myth of the danger of dry sand, there’s this photo.

As can be seen, by chance, Designers have turned out that Aerodynamics protects engines from stones. In the dynamics of this can be found here

But that’s completely dispels the myth this article. Quote.

By the way, for ground tests dvigatelyanedaleko from Rybinsk in Polueve we have built a huge test stand. If you come to us in Rybinsk, you’ll see what infrastructure there is created. Outdoor stand where we simulate all the possible effects on the engine. No analogues in Europe — only in America is like. Its construction cost us $ 28 million Stand allows you to measure absolutely all the features — the noise, emissions, engine performance in the rain, slanting blowing …

For certification, we are obliged, for example, to check the behavior of a motor in contact with birds in it. You need to throw in with the engine running rates of a few tens of meters per second 5 sparrows, pigeons, 2, 1 duck — and after all this, it should work. Must throw the ice — in-flight aircraft can meet with hail cloud. We have to carry out tests on the tropical rain shower in the engine rocks, sand — pass through the engine and a half tons of sand. Required to test the engine in strong crosswind, to conduct tests on the vortex and suction. All this is recorded, filmed. Only after all of these tests can be certified to carry passengers on the new drive.

Intelligibly, and affordable.

Thus, the myth shattered. Everything is fine with the Superjet with sand. So we can not continue to repair their GDP. Just kidding.

And by the way, that would not get up twice, there is generally a lot of interesting things in the article, but I note that. Many are questioning what they say well, we could not themselves develop the engine for the aircraft, why do we need this alliance with Snecma? Well, actually, the answer lies on the surface. Of course could! But would make it longer and more expensive. Just in the Soviet years, the civil aviation we were not the best engines, and then there’s a big break at age 15, when, and what was hopelessly out of date. Catch up with such monsters as "General Electric", "Rolls-Royce" of course we would be able, in general, all are Russian. But why would overstrain the navel, when there is an easier way. 
Moreover, that very same Snecma did not hesitate to cooperate with us earlier. But there are many reasons for such co-operation, and in an interview with chief designer Victor Chepkin lists them:

First, gleaned from the French modern equipment design. Let me remind you that in the 15 years, while the state has thrown us alone, we are seriously podotstal in this case. Now we have 50 designers working continuously near Paris, and with the French engine design. These young guys — our hope. For us, the fundamental question — to teach people at the advanced level.

Secondly, certification. From the beginning we oriented the plane not only Russian, but also in the international market. The fact that the development of the aircraft (with engine) would cost roughly $ 2.5 billion aircraft will be sold for say $ 25-27 million, but profit from each sale will be conditional $ 3 million can be easy to calculate when repulse (as they say ) money. To get off to a zero rate of return, you must sell at least 600 cars, but in Russia requires a maximum of 250-300 regional aircraft. In the world according to the calculations of these machines require 2-3 thousand, and we are fully capable to sell even more not too surpassing competitors — "Embraer" and "sat". With 70 aircraft, we already have firm orders, or rather not in "Saturn" and at "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft". I say "we" as a participant in the production of the aircraft.

To the civilian aircraft was open sky all countries, it is important to go through this procedure. To do this, the results of each test, we need to bring the art of the International Civil Aviation Committee Aviation Organization (ICAO). Certification, ie, the entire defense before the international aviation oversight bodies take on the French. It is scary expensive business — certification of the engine is 200 million dollars.

And the last, but no less important consideration — maintenance. No one will buy from you even the best engine if you do not have a system service. We rely on customer service "Snecma" that are scattered around the world. Create new customer service — terrible expensive affair. The three main concerns and prompted us to work together with the French.

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