Hartron help re-equip Russian ballistic missiles for space programs

Forecasted consolidated volume of production of PJSC "Hartron" (Kharkov) for 2012 is 214 million UAH., Volume realiatsii — 216 mln. It was reported "SQ" in the enterprise. The gross profit of 33 mln., Net — 3 million 202 thousand UAH.


According to "Khartron", including critical work to be carried out — the organization of the production and supply of the head of the spacecraft "Dnipro-2012" № 1. Another important work — the development of the concept of modernization of systems management products A18M (missile system — "SQ"), which still stand on the alert. Two years later, they are to be used for the benefit of the space program "Dnepr", which you need to modify the control system products.


It is also planned to develop a specification and design of automated control system of a subcritical nuclear installation "neutron source." To do this work, "Hartron" won the tender organized by the United States. It is also planned to carry out work on the manufacturing and delivery of a set of control systems "Cyclone — 4" and supply of industrial television systems at nuclear power plants. Will continue in other works, which were conducted in 2011


Help "SQ". Consolidated volume production, "Khartron" for 2011 amounted to 220 mln., That above the planned level of 22%. The scope of work on the rocket and space program was 122 mln., The volume of production of special purpose — 14.8 mln., Civil products — 67 mln. In 2011 the number of full-time employees "Khartron" of 1.6 million people., The average age — 50 years, the average salary — 2.26 UAH. month. Companies included in the structure of "Khartron", specialize in the manufacture of control systems for the aerospace, railway engineering and power facilities.

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