Hartron makes the control system for a nuclear Kharkov


PJSC "Hartron" (Kharkov) executes a contract for $ 6 million for the design and development of an automated control system subcritical nuclear installation "neutron source." Customer — National Research Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology" (KhPTI). This was told "SQ" chairman "Khartron" Nicholas vahni. According to him, this contract is very promising for the company because it will gain invaluable experience and enhance the impact of a nuclear power.

According vahni, developed system is more complex than the usual control system for nuclear power plants. "Indeed, the very practice, which we will operate, — the only one in the world in its class. Control systems for conventional nuclear power plants can do many plants, such as GP" Kharkov instrument factory Shevchenko. "And in this case, without a serious scientific approach is indispensable . This is how to make the control system for the new rocket: it is similar to the old one, but the other "- said vahni. 

According to him, the whole set of equipment management system will be sent KhPTI this year. "We will supply all the necessary equipment and carry out set-up. This is not yet a test run. Starting the entire plant is scheduled for next year", — said vahni.

Help "SQ". In 2010, with funding from the United States began work on the construction based on the latest KhPTI neutron source. Creation of the experimental setup is intended to strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian research institutions in the field of applied nuclear physics and establish a base for a wide range of medical isotopes to diagnose and treat different kinds of cancer. The construction of the experimental setup will be completed in April 2014

"Hartron" razrabotyvaet and supplies management system defense systems and space objects in space programs in Ukraine and Russia, produces automated control, monitoring and diagnostics of electrical equipment for passenger cars, power plant control systems, devices and systems, relay protection and automation of power systems, industrial TV for nuclear power plants.

Financial plan "Khartron" for 2013 provides that the sales volume will reach 190.9 mln., Net profit — 3 million 400 thousand UAH., The average monthly salary of a staff member — 4 thousand 264 UAH., Sredneuchetnaya numbers full-time employees — one thousand 780 people.

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