Has opened a new production of thin-walled tubes

The thin-walled tube cold start produced by "Brok-Invest-Service" (Moscow). Output will reach 25,000 tons per year.

Pipe Project "Brok-Invest-Service" is the next step in the creation of an additional link in the value chain in the formation of its own production and metalworking, which the company developed in recent years. Tube stations are well integrated into the logic further enhance the redistribution of metal from raw materials to finished products.

The industrial complex "October" includes more than 30 pieces of stationary metal-working equipment, Last year the company launched a line of the longitudinal and transverse cutting coils, as well as mill for the production of cold-formed channel sections.

The decision to open their own pipe production was the result of increased demand for such products. Overall demand for them is constantly faced with a deficit and delays of deliveries and the amount of total potential output is estimated at 20-25 thousand tons per month.

In test mode, the production of cold-rolled thin-walled tubes in the company began in March. The main products of "Brok-Invest-Service" will be round and shaped tubes with a diameter of 16 to 63.5 mm with a wall thickness of 0.7 to 2.3 millimeters in length from 5 to 8 meters. It is planned that the main consumers become furniture makers, manufacturers of various metal and commercial enterprises.

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