Have you changed the air defense system Strela-10 on the ATGM Kornet-EM?

Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) at the upcoming Moscow Aerospace Show MAKS-2011 (Zhukovsky, 16-21 August 2011) for the first time demonstrate a new multi-purpose high-precision missile system (RK) "Kornet-EM" long-range, intended for effective against ground and air targets, reports topwar.

 Photo source:mk.ru

The structure of "Cornet" is a fighting machine with 2 launchers and automatic remote control operator

On set of the combat capabilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a new anti-superior
their counterparts in 3-5 times, easier to use, maintain, and use ammunition cost 3-4 times less than similar, and for putting ordnance on target highly protected an automatic laser-beam control system.

RK "Kornet-EM" (pictured) — is designed to deal with current and future tanks with reactive armor, light armored vehicles, surface and air targets (UAVs, helicopters, planes attack aircraft), and can also affect fortifications. Complex "Kornet-EM" provides hitting targets at ranges of 150 — 10,000 m remote-controlled missiles in a laser beam using an automatic control system, which has high noise immunity.

Provided salvo firing of two simultaneous objectives. The cumulative warhead with 7 kg TNT equivalent armor provides up to 1300 mm. Transfer time from traveling to combat does not exceed 7. The complex incorporates the principle of "fire — forgotten" by the use of vision with automatic target tracking. This prevents people from anti-tank guided process, about 5 times more accurate target tracking in real combat application and 2 times increase the range of the ATGM "Kornet-E", while a significant increase in the probability of target destruction. In addition, the ability to fire at targets automatically reduces the load on the psycho-physical operators, the requirements for their skills and reduces the time to prepare them.

Accommodation in the proposed variant of the two automatic launchers (mass of the complex weapons with ammunition with half PU 0.8 / 1.2 m) provides simultaneous volley fire on two targets, which significantly increases the rate and rate of fire of the complex. In addition, "Kornet-EM" can lead salvo firing two missiles at the same target, which provides active protection systems to overcome.

According to the KBP, a perfect management system of the complex, the design of engines of guided missiles and automatic tracking of targets increased the firing range complex with anti-tank KBCH to 8 km, and the SD and FBCH — up to 10 km. The accuracy of the firing range at 10 km was higher than that of the base complex "Kornet-E."

Ammunition "Kornet-EM" holds 16 missiles, 8 of which are ready to fire. All rockets family "Kornet-E" may be used on the new "Kornet-EM," says warsonline.info.

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