He obtained the first experimental batch of the latest rocket fuel

By NPO "Energomash" and RSC "Applied Chemistry" on a specially created experimental setup first obtained the first experimental batch of the newest high-performance rocket fuel Aceto.
The result confirmed previously conducted theoretical studies, as well as showed the effectiveness of the technology for production of the new fuel.

In 2013-2014 gg planned mining technology for industrial lots Atsetama, and the development of the stand and carrying of fire tests of experimental oxygen-atsetamovogo LRE. 

Application atsetama not only significantly increases the energy of existing launch vehicles, but also provides greater savings. Ballistic calculations by the Center for Innovation (IDC) in collaboration with the Center for the Keldysh showed that for the "Soyuz-2.1b" replacement of oxygen-kerosene engine RB for oxygen atsetamovy will increase the payload mass by 30-40 percent. When developed in recent years, the frequency of starts for the same mass of satellites could reduce the number of launches of the year in the 3-5, and it cost billions of rubles.

Since the engines on the oxygen-fuel atsetamovom close to oxygen-kerosene can on the basis of existing Russian rocket launcher to create modernized having energy capabilities RN with an oxygen-hydrogen-RB, but are easier to use and much less expensive cost launch services, convinced developers.

In the next six months or a year, they plan to conduct a detailed analysis of the possibilities to use the new fuel on the first and second stage, as well as boosters for other Russian RN / "Proton", "Angara", etc. /. 

To the new fuel also interested developers hypersonic aircraft, which for their projects a little lacking "power", and acetyl, according to the developers of the new fuel could be the solution to this problem.

In 2011, the ICC with the project "acetyl" got the status of a innovation center "Skolkovo". According to Likhvantseva, that status is "helping to solve a very serious problem with start-ups / by firms and ongoing projects / through grants, tax and customs benefits, provide advice, assistance in finding investors, venture capital firms, and so on." In addition, ICC is able to attract creative young professionals from the best universities in the country.

Currently, the ICC at different stages developed more than five projects: In addition to the fuel acetyl, this additive in the oxygen-kerosene fuel additives based on polyisobutylene, the development of laser ignition, the development of design methods of blank production / that will reduce the amount of material used by 20-30 percent / creation of a gas turbine plant in the interests of the oil and gas industry, etc.

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