Head coach of Rostov Oleg Dolmatov: Skeleton want to keep, but changes are needed

Oleg Dolmatov the day after his team’s victory over the "Alan" (3:2) and, accordingly, early retirement in the Premier League was restrained. In an interview with "Soviet Sport" Dolmatov not happy, spoke about the reality of achieving the goal of 100 points this season and have the confidence that in the coming year at the Rostov stadium will be sold out. [Cut] — Oleg, at a press conference after the match with "Alan" in which "Rostov" issued early return to the Premier League, you looked upset. — A reason to be happy? — Tom, the team returned to the Premier League! — I’m at that time was under the impression from the game, the contents of which did not satisfy me. It is clear that there were three major players (Hong and Kulchiy summoned to the team, and Gatskan disqualified.. — Ed.), But the time we played in the majority! And rather than build on the success goals to please the fans, I almost missed the victory … — Players have admitted that in the locker room after the game celebrations and champagne were not. Do not pointed out in the Premier League? — Early relax. Ahead of five matches — the first of them on Friday. Now it is necessary for us to comply with the new status and finish the season with dignity. All the festivities will leave at the end of the year. — The goal of 100 points is achievable? — With this game as a game with "Alan", no. And if we play the way in both games against the "Kuban" (Rostov on the road tied 1-1, and won 1-0 at home.. — Ed.), It’s real. — What will motivate the remaining wards in the meetings? — By the end of the season three weeks. We are now eyeing to the players — I think someone post the following year, and with whom we are not on the way … — What players more? — The backbone want to keep, but changes are needed. The level of the Premier League — unlike the first division. We need to add in the classroom, and this is possible only by invitation masterovityh players. This season we started a composition that won at the expense of desire, and in the summer, when invited Akimov, Denisova, Gitselova, Circassian Slivich, Hong and Gatskana, began to play more aggressive and meaningful football. — What is the reason for such a convincing victory in the first division: no worthy opponents? — On the contrary! When I have coached, "Kuban", the level of most teams second tier of our football was very low. Now, no matter where you come — all we have to literally gnaw glasses. A series of cup matches in which the first division clubs knocked out of the draw representatives of the Premier League — a good example of the overall progress. — Do not shake the feeling that you personally and the whole team played below the rank of boring? — There is. Rostov — soccer city, with a rich history, there are very specific fans — they spoiled the Premier League, parting with which everyone was given very painful. In the first round of the stands were half-empty, now the interest has increased slightly. I am confident that next year will be sold out. — What can really claim "Rostov" in the 2009 season? — That I’ve just before the start of the championship I can say. Today, all thoughts were about the acquisition: if we can qualitatively worse during the off-season, then can become a competitive team.

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