Head of the department of defense contracts interview USC Anatolia Shlemova

"I have already signed more than 95% of the planned state defense order contracts, including a contract for the construction of five modernized" Boreas-A ", — said the head of department of defense contracts USC Anatoly helmets. He noted that some issues remained on the modernization of nuclear submarines in the third generation light of the recent orders of the government. These documents are in the Ministry of Defence.http://ria.ru/defense_saf…y/20120831/734172778.html 


He also said that Russia is developing underwater drones to perform specific tasks, in his words — "a work in progress, it is a very promising direction." He stressed that this is why at the end of the 80s the Navy refused to purchase small submarines of "Piranha" for spetszadach solutions, including sabotage and anti-sabotage.

"Submarines" Piranha "offered for export", — said the helmets.http://ria.ru/defense_saf…y/20120831/734175162.html 


Russia will create its own naval missile defense system similar to the U.S. "Aegis" — "Such a problem for the industry is uniquely placed, because it is very important from the point of view of the application of Navy ships in the missile defense system," — said the helmets. According to him, the analogs of "Aegis" developed by the companies of Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", "and not only" — said Helms, without specifying the details in connection with the closing of the topic.http://ria.ru/defense_saf…y/20120831/734169501.html 


He also said that the decision to start the repair and modernization of the nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" (Project 1144, code "eagle") will be made in September, for these purposes have been allocated five billion rubleshttp://ria.ru/defense_saf…y/20120831/734190309.html 

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