‘Heads’ return from conservation.

 Photo source:radikal.ru

The Russian Defense Ministry is going to convert the world’s most powerful nuclear cruisers Project 1144 "Orlan", equipping them versatile missile systems. It is expected that after the modernization of the "atomic killers" will address a variety of military missions to destroy enemy equipment, repel strikes the Air Force and ground attack missiles, the newspaper "Izvestia". It’s about standing for the past 20 years on the docks "Admiral Nakhimov", "Admiral Lazarev" and "Admiral Ushakov", as well as remaining in service aboard the "Peter the Great".
According to a source in the defense industry, cruisers will install the newest radio electronics, will undergo repairs hulls and nuclear power plants. Through such work life of ships will increase to 2030-2040’s, the hope in the military.
The main goal of modernization is the replacement of the missile system "Granite" UKSK — universal shipborne firing system, able to operate with different types of missiles. The main weapon against enemy aircraft carriers will launch "Onyx" or "Calibre". In addition, cruisers will have the elements of air defense systems S-400 air defense systems and new melee. After conversion "heads" can carry 300 different missiles and will thus most powerful missile carriers in the world.
The first upgrade will undergo "Admiral Nakhimov" work has already begun on the cruiser. Completion is scheduled for 2015. You will then begin conversion of the remaining three groups of cruisers.

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