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Exhibition — Conference held under that name in the Euro-Asia Exhibition Center on May 24-26, in Yekaterinburg. More than seven dozen companies and organizations from Moscow, Perm, Penza, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk and other cities took part in it.
In the format of lectures, seminars and answer questions relevant topics were discussed: "Prevention of violations of the Early Childhood Development", "Visceral therapy to restore internal organs," "Stop the sickness and old age," "An integrated approach to the treatment of obesity, the technique of Dr. Bormentalja "" Apirefleksoterapiya "," travel health practice "," Conflict and effective ways of behavior in different conditions, "and others.
Feature of the conference is to introduce non-traditional unique esoteric practices. At the seminar, for example, questions such as: "Modern pulsodiagnostika based on ayurveda", "Practical techniques of Hatha Yoga", "bio-energy diagnosis and correction of man." 
Unique goods companies "Pine Peace" and "Eastern Bee", the products of traditional folk medicine, side by side in the stands with such exotic, as noni juice and fruit emulsion Himalayan yogis, Japanese and Korean cosmetics adorned near the Ural blue sapropelic mud, and modern facilities for fitness clubs from foreign distributors competing with domestic hydro-massage — "A shower Alexeev."
A nice addition the exhibition were the performances of ethnic dance groups, a master class in Chinese tea ceremony, sessions paraphihologov, tsvetoterapevta, astro-psychology consultant, numerologist, and other professionals spiritual and cosmic practices.
The chief guest of the conference, for the performance of which attracted the attention of visitors and participants, has become a living legend, author of books on healthy living, well-known TV Gennady Malakhov. How do the physical and spiritual health? The interpretation of such questions, he answered in the same form available to him.
— Over time, I came to the conclusion that human ecology during life changing. Health depends on the outlook. If a person applies to all consumer-negatively expresses his emotions, his body psychosomatic changes occur, violated the mechanisms of self-regulation, which leads to various diseases. Negative thinking destroys the body. (There were about 40 of psychosomatic diseases. — Auth.)
Take, for example, character traits such as tolerance and intolerance. If a person believes that you can not forgive someone for some offenses, he severely affects its own energy. Our thoughts, as an internal mouthpiece, act on every cell in the body. It irritated individual physiology begins to work in a different way: their roles as organs develop specific energy. When the offense is concentrated inside, formed and developed hearth disease. Fear affects renal function, they may appear stones. If you suffer from liver, colon, so it is necessary to get rid of depression and other difficult to solve some problems. Joy, optimism helps to recover.
I identify five important conditions that encourage people to life. First, it is self-preservation, the means to achieve their goals. Second, the motivation to extend the family, taking care of children and parents. Third, the desire to lead. Fourth — the impulse to justice. Fifth motivation — the desire to be creative and self-improvement. All the senses should be moderate, or excessive desire to lead to internal changes, we run the chain, leading to disease. Thus, the basis of psychosomatic diseases is in our minds. 
Now — about nutrition. From the quality of our food also depends on health. Not digest the food has its consequences: the light emitted through the mucus, sometimes, runny nose.
I recommend keeping a diary and write down all the symptoms of being there after the use of any product, and then draw conclusions, if detected adverse events. To appetite, reduce the amount of food intake. With age, appetite increase, but we must bear in mind that at one time must eat fewer than in his youth, as the energy costs in older people less. It is necessary therefore to form your own diet based on your needs.
From dairy products is also produced mucus, bacteria, especially in the cold season. Harmful and sweet tea with milk and a bun. The best remedy for treatment — a birch mushroom Chaga. And if you want to get rid of the undesirable effects, it is necessary to give up bad habits, change your lifestyle and diet.
I myself am a young man engaged in weightlifting. There was a time, was suffering from sinusitis. Became instilled drops glazolin, but they dried mucous membrane, and I no longer distinguish smells. Later, when I cleaned the intestines, liver, starve, everything returned to normal in my body. All of these cause-effect relationships can be derived from watching my body, and thus get rid of the disease. More thought processes, more movement towards oneself — and life will be brighter. It is important to create good thoughts, read a good poem. When a person thinks positively, the dream materilizuetsya and attracts good event, and you get the energy for a better life.

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