Heavy ChMZAP developed a new modification

 Photo source:i-mash.ru

Chelyabinsk engineering plant trailers "Uralavtopritsep" (ChMZAP) made the semi-trailer of a new modification ChMZAP-99064-080-W-G45 commissioned by the oil company.
New Heavy calculated on the weight of 43 tons of cargo. With the increase in capacity at this trailer mounted suspension, which is used in picking the 60-ton trawls. Lean busbar withstand large axial load due vysokonesuschim tires 395/85R20 Michelin series XZL.
Heavy ChMZAP-99064-080-W-G45 is designed for popular with cross-country oil KAMAZ 65221 with the dimension of tires 16.00R20. It was under this tractor ChMZAP "Uralavtopritsep" at the time made the flatbed semi-terrain ChMZAP 9906-038B-20.

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