While he recycles small quantities of sunflower, but in the season to work at full capacity.

In Lozovoy processing industry is gaining momentum. Raoynu built on the territory of the plant, which is engaged in processing of sunflower seeds. As the June 10 during a Skype-marathon Lozovskaya chairman of district administration, in the construction of the plant was invested 150 million USD. Now they have started work. 

— The plant has processed small quantities of sunflower seeds. At the same time they are preparing to build a second building, which will be feed mill. This company now handles more than 4 million hectares of land — said Bogdan Reva.

The enterprise has 20 employees and 40 are removed. In the autumn, when the harvest plant will operate at full capacity. There is a plan to recycle 120 tons of sunflower seeds per day. Management of the company has already signed contracts with CIS countries and the Baltic states to supply products.

By the way, sunflower waste plant will produce pellets.

— This year we are going to run four boilers on alternative fuels, on which we will apply these pellets, — said the head of the district.Inna Pirlik

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