Helicopters buzz in the Tver province. The propeller!

July 23, thanks to the efforts of organized media tour in the 344 Center for training and re-training of aviation personnel of Army Aviation under Torzhok, Tver province.

…and the museums, it is time for observation and filming techniques in the air! However, first we stumbled upon here are wonderful Bullet catcher (places that are specially equipped for filling and discharging of weapons of airfield)

The men at work.

The Mi-8, neatly perched on the edge of the airfield, was especially beautiful in the sun — there was such an impression that he had just painted and brand new.

Group and we are fortunate to have witnessed the process of preparation of the Mi-28 to fly …

Drove up arms for mounting on pylons.

Automatic dropping LTC (false thermal targets for enemy missiles) are located directly on the ends of the wings.

Check before starting the engine …

The propeller!

After checking the machine can rest and talk with co-workers …

After watching the training of 28 matches for the flight together with PKCH radar went on to the runway. There began the real show: literally for 10 minutes the sky filled 28-ki, and a little later they were joined by the Mi-8 and Mi-35 …

35-ka long been preparing, but went to train with the "eights" …

The dissolution!



Gains on Juggernaut Mi-26!

28 matches after collective training gone to rest, and 8s and 35-ki still "looked no light" to replace the crew.

By the end of the action the Ka-52 still blessed us my brief poyavlyaeniem. Literally 3-4 vertical take-off and landing, and drove off back to the parking lot. Not pleased "Kamov", apparently felt that today he is apparently "crushed authority Mile."

On the way back found a permanent location for all those who continue to shout about the "collapse of the army" …

PS — thanks to online Press Club of Defense for organizing the trip.

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