Helicopters of Russia and Augusta Uestlend will build a production plant in the Russian civil AW139 medium twin-engine helicopter

Le Bourget, June 22. (ARMS-TASS). JSC "Helicopters of Russia" and the company "Augusta Uestlend" will build a production plant in the Russian Civil medium twin-engine helicopter AW139. The agreement was signed on Tuesday at the Airshow "Paris eyrshou-2011" at Le Bourget in the presence of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Under the agreement, a joint company "Helivert» (HeliVert) with equal participation of the parties. The company will build and operate the plant for assembly production of civil AW139 medium twin-engine helicopter in Russia. "Helivert" is created on a parity basis, the total investment in the company will amount to 40-45 million euros.

According korr.ARMS-Tass JSC "Helicopters of Russia", assembly line production is built on an area of 40 thousand square meters in an industrial area in the suburban Tomilino, its opening is expected this summer, and work on the assembly will have to begin in the fourth quarter of this year. It is planned that the plant will be able to collect up to 15 units annually helicopter AW139. The assembly line is designed to meet the needs of the market in Russia and CIS. Management of the company "Helivert" on an equal footing, be "Helicopters of Russia" and "Augusta Uestlend", which will appoint the CEO and Deputy CEO, respectively. The number of employees at the maximum output power exceeds 100 people.

As expected, the first helicopter AW139, assembled in Russia, off the assembly line in September 2012 Term of a rotorcraft is approximately 5-7 months.

Currently, there is a portfolio of orders for 10 of these machines.

For comparison, the period of production of one AW139 helicopter company "Agusta Uestlend" is 3 months, and the backlog of orders — nearly 470 units of 2-3 years.

The agreement was a new achievement in the framework of the strategic partnership between the "Oboronprom", which includes "Helicopters Rosii" and "Augusta Uestlend."

To mark the start of construction of the plant in Russia in the foundation of the production site in Tomilino during a ceremony June 22, 2010 was laid special commemorative capsule.

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