Helicopters of Russia launch special program to fight fires

with helicopters

Russian Helicopters holding company "Helicopters of Russia", a subsidiary of OPK "Oboronprom" member company "Rostekhnadzor", announces the launch of the Global Initiative helicopter fire (Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative (GHFI)). The program is aimed at improving the efficiency of specialized fire-fighting helicopters equipped with spillway devices (APU), water cannons and other fire suppression systems.

To participate in the program are invited GHFI manufacturers of fire protection systems and equipment for helicopters, offering innovative technology to improve the quality characteristics of helicopter firefighting systems. Holding itself within the program intends to involve in the development of innovative solutions in the field of helicopter firefighting own design offices.

One of the participants will be GHFI Russian multi-purpose helicopter Ka-32A11BC equipped with fire protection systems. This helicopter has already proven itself in more than 30 countries. Ka-32A11VS used successfully in Russia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, China, Bulgaria, Austria, South Korea, Chile, Indonesia, Japan and other countries. World Total 188 operated helicopter of this type.

Ka-32A11VS meets AP-29 and has a certificate issued in 2009 by the European Aviation Safety Agency (European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)). In December 2012 helicopterreceived a certificate of airworthiness in Australia. Recognizing the possibilities of helicopter aviation regulator Australia opens "Russian Helicopters" out for a promising new market for the supply of special helicopter operators on the continent.

In early 2013, Australia experienced a severe fire. According to recent reports, the fire covered the states of Victoria and New South Wales, where in January 2013, in addition to dozens of fires burned homes had been damaged the famous observatory "Siding Spring", which is Australia’s largest telescope. According to media reports, the fires came close to a military base with a large ammunition depot south of Sydney.

The Ka-32A11VS able to put out almost all types of area fires and fires in high-rise buildings with the drainage device and a water cannon. Due to the advantages of coaxial rotors, Ka-32A11VS — the only helicopter in its class that can perform complex maneuvers with high accuracy and demonstrate remarkable resilience to hover in an unstable atmosphere.

According to experts, natural and man-made fires have become one of the world’s global threats. Each year, fire causes huge damage to the planet’s ecology and economy of many countries. Start the program GHFI intended to implement one of the missions of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" — countering this threat. Created in Russian firefighting helicopter Ka-32A11VS may be one of the most effective tools of the new program.

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" is planning to present the Ka-32A11BC the exhibition Avalon 2013 in Australia, which will be held from February 26 to March 3 in Geelong.




JSC "Helicopters of Russia"— A subsidiary of OPK "Oboronprom" (included in "Rostekhnadzor"), one of the world’s leading helicopter industry, the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia. Holding was formed in 2007. The head office is located in Moscow. The holding comprises five helicopter plants, two design bureaus, as well as manufacturers and service components and service company that provides after-sales support in Russia and abroad. Buyers of the holding’s products — the Russian Defense Ministry, the Interior Ministry of Russia, Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the airline "Gazprom avia" and «UTair», major Russian and foreign companies. In 2011, the proceeds of "Helicopters of Russia" under IFRS grew by 27.8% and amounted to 103.9 billion rubles, while the volume of shipments reached 262 cars.


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