Helicopters of Russia take an active part in the exhibition HELI-EXPO 2011

Holding "Helicopters of Russia", included in the OPK "Oboronprom", presented at the exhibition HELI-EXPO 2011 (Orlando,. Florida) is potentially the most interesting for the North American market modeli.Kak reported in the press service of the company, it is the average multifunctional helicopter Mi- 8/17 and the average location of the helicopter coaxial rotor Ka-32A11VS, as well as featuring a special lightweight maneuverability helicopter Mi-34C1, and a multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T is designed for special operations, including operations in the rarefied atmosphere of high mountains.

"Holding" Helicopters of Russia "continues to cooperate with partners in North and South America. The second time we are participating in the exhibition HELI-EXPO and state the growing interest in the Russian-made helicopters as part of the traditional operators of our equipment from the countries of Latin America, and from the North American commercial companies and individuals, "- said General Director of the holding company" Helicopters of Russia " Dmitry Petrov.

Russian helicopters MI-8/17 are among the most sought-after cars in the world of helicopters in its class. Holding "Helicopters of Russia" has concluded contracts for the supply of Mi-17 in Central and South America, CIS, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. Helicopters of this type, thanks to the high performance characteristics of machines and their ability to operate reliably in conditions of high humidity, dust, high temperatures, high altitude and high work load is widely used to perform a variety of missions in various parts of the world. For example, the Mi-17 participated in the relief operations in the United States during the severe flooding in New Orleans in 2005.

Now "Helicopters of Russia" implement a program of modernization of Mi-17. At its base is created Mi-171M, which is planned to introduce more than 80 innovative new features. According to the plans of the holding, the Mi-171M will have a new power plant, and equipped with more powerful VK-2500 engines, auxiliary power unit with a high-rise run 6,000 meters, upgraded main gearbox, swashplate, rotor head, transmission, as well as composite main rotor screw, the X-shaped tail rotor. It is planned that the conduct development work, testing and certification of the new helicopter will be completed by the end of 2013.

Another popular Russian helicopter — multipurpose Ka-32A11VS with coaxial rotors. He has a certificate of airworthiness in the various countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Ka-32A11VS demonstrates important for aircraft capabilities in firefighting, especially in mountainous terrain or on the upper floors of high-rise buildings using horizontal firefighting equipment, ground equipment is not available when the fire and are especially needed qualities such as accuracy, stability, stability and maneuverability in an unstable atmosphere. The helicopter is also actively used as a cargo carrier on the external load and the crane during assembly of complex high-rise structures.

In North America, Ka-32A11VS used by Canadian companies for hauling timber from logging areas in remote and mountainous areas, as well as other works.

According to some experts on specific parameters, this model is one of the best to perform such complex tasks. Russian helicopters used today in Canada are considered to be very reliable over the last years of their flight time was tens of thousands of hours without major repairs.

In Latin America, several fire seasons Ka-32A11VS used in Chile and Mexico, the helicopter for several years has been actively used for infrastructure development of industrial plants in Brazil and Peru, and in 2000 cars of this order were sent to North America, where they were used for fighting forest fires in Canada (Vancouver), and the United States (Idaho).

Presented at the show a modified version of a light helicopter Mi-34C1 is in the final stages of development, and the first public flight is scheduled for mid 2011. According to experts of the holding, the Mi-34S1 has a chance to become popular helicopter for sport aviation: it is one of the few helicopters in its class capable of performing aerobatics.

Another light Ka-226T is a special offer for Latin American partners. This model with coaxial-rotor arrangement is equipped with two gas turbine engines, "Arrius 2G1» French company "Turbomeca" and the Russian VR-226N gearbox. This solution gives the Ka-226T high flight safety: even with one engine, he possesses the necessary margin of maneuver for power (up to 705 hp).

Ka-226T — multipurpose helicopter designed for special operations, including operations in the rarefied atmosphere of high mountains. Ka-226T — one of the safest and most environmentally friendly helicopter in its class, which is particularly important for the South American market with the necessary respect for the unique relic forests of the region.

One of the major areas of business development holding company "Helicopters of Russia" is the creation of a global service centers for after-sales service and support for Russian-made helicopters in different countries of the world. Today, "Russian Helicopters" are open for cooperation with American partners and are ready for the implementation of various joint projects.

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