Helmet Motorcycle Navigator with augmented reality and

Voice Control

June 5 motobare "Enthusiast" the company "Art Business", a resident of the Fund "Skolkovo", unveiled its new design which is unique — a helmet for motorcyclists Navigator with the technology of augmented reality and voice control. During the presentation, a meeting with the developers and the premiere of a video of the project.

Helmet Navigator, developed by the "Art Business", makes orientation on the road convenient and safe. Full-color semi-transparent image is displayed directly on the visor of the helmet, as the pilot of the fighter, and leaves an unobstructed view without distracting from driving. Voice control allows you to not take your hands off the steering wheel. Despite the sophisticated modern technology underlying the design, the use of new items will be simple and convenient. 

Image is displayed in a special way right on the visor of the helmet, as the pilot of the fighter, it is a full-color, translucent, leaves an unobstructed view and does not distract from driving.

"For example, say" street Arbat ", and a helmet once there a route, while driving will immediately prompt voice in the headphones, the left and right speaker voice is. And will also appear visual cues," — said General Director of the developer Slam Livemap Andrew Artischev. On a normal image, the distinguished eye superimposed on top of the computer image. For example, directions, street names and house numbers. At the moment there is a prototype created on a 3D printer and a separate projection system that allows you to broadcast the image browser.

Currently, developers are trying to raise funds under the scheme of voluntary donations and pre-orders for the finished product. The project has supported Russia’s largest production studio "Mercator", which created a video about the project and its developers.

Developers hope to begin production of helmets in the near future and assure that the new product will be available in a year.

Video RIA "Novosti"

Video presentation of the project


 http://vk.com/wall1892051…10931% 2Fwall189205144_413 

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