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The other day my good friend sent me an email with the details from the site:

with a list of destroyed businesses. And, supposedly killed in the past two or three years.

I often see this kind of lists in the network, a cursory view they induce depression and sadness — all the bad in the country, but it is necessary to dig deeper, do not be lazy and check out the information, and things are not so bleak. Similarly, in this case, I decided to check out — if it is real, and the list went on list items to refute or confirm it. Some items are able to refute some businesses were destroyed even at EBN, some, such as "Vega" were blatant lies. For the rest I have no information. And then I had an idea: to put the list on the site and ask visitors to the site to help with this work. After all, that there are people from all over the country! I believe this information will be useful to many. I ask you, who can supplement the information — if the company is real closed, then why (maybe the company was not looted, as we like to write swamp comrades, and transferred to another city, such as "Ruby", or the company has actually been looted and destroyed.) Or the company is actually thriving (maybe renamed, moved to a different location, but continues to release profile products, etc.) In general, the task — to get the most objective picture. 




AZLK (1930-2010)

Predpriyatiyay was not in the public domain. The company’s products is not a success, even in the Soviet Union. The company had no clear plan of development, models, went bankrupt because of inept actions of its leadership. More at Wikipedia.

For contrast — AvtoVAZ saved.

Factory "Red Proletarian" (1857 — 2010)

IZHEVSKIY Motorcycle Plant (1928 — 2009)

Izhmash produces motorcycles now that the plant itself is not clear — like "zakonsvervirovali."

JSC "SCHETMASH" (1948-2009)

Which Schetmash? Their cloud.


It is not clear — site, though inferior, but there

spanners sale of the plant — the catalog you can find a bunch (see column "origin")


MT "Rubin" (1932-2003)

Closing date — no seriously, we read in wikipedia



  • June-July — MPO "Ruby" is an official supplier of gameXXII Olympiadin Moscow (1424 TV’s "Ruby" at Olympic sites).


  • MPO "Ruby" was split into independent public enterprises, among them the Moscow Television Plant "Ruby." In the same year, the state enterprise MTZ "Ruby" was transformed intoPublic company"Moscow Television Plant ‘Ruby’" (MTZ "Ruby").


  • February 15 — The Company is registered at the Moscow Registration Chamber № 006.949.


  • July — At the general meeting of shareholders of a change of company management. Decided to restructure the business.


  • Initiated the creation of the Trade complex "Gorbushkin Yard" on the basis of the production hall (renovation completed in 2003).


Television production moved in Voronezh


"RECORD" (1957-1996)



Lipetsk Tractor Plant (1943-2009)

The plant works and live

On the official website of the company (


OAO Lipetsk Tractor Plant ("Lipetsk tractor") is one of the largest tractor manufacturers in Russia. Geographically, the company is located in 420 km. from Moscow and 7 km. from the center of the free economic zone of Art. Kazinka, Lipetsk region. On the main line business since 1944, produced more than half a million tractors. The plant produced crawler tractors CD-35 CDP-35, T-38 and T-wheeled tractors 40. Now the company produces comfortable wheeled tractors, the brand that is known all over the world — agricultural tractors LTZ-60 (Class — 1.4), LTZ-155 (Class — 2.0), as well as street-cleaning machines, forklifts, welding machines based on tractors, excavators.


One of the latest models is the integrated universal tractors LTZ-155, which has unique technological capabilities and ensuring implementation of advanced agricultural technologies in agriculture.


Focusing on the needs of consumers, the plant is constantly improving its products. Designed and is preparing to release a new model of tractor LTZ-120B Class 2.0. We are constantly working to improve the reliability, improve working conditions and increasing technological capabilities of our technology.


The plant tries to meet the demand of the buyer, so our prices compare favorably with those of competitors’ prices. Flexible pricing, which includes significant discounts and delivery for leasing. There is a wide distribution network both within Russia and in the CIS and other foreign countries.


We manufacture warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment manufactured by JSC Lipetsk Tractor (LTP). Accepted technique for major refurbishment and, in any condition.



The Altai Tractor Plant (Rubcovsk) (1942-2010)

I confirm bankrupt, closed

The reasons?


SHIPYARD "VANGUARD" (Petrozavodsk) (1939-2010)

Not tested — like WIG there are going to be done?


JSC "Holding Dalzavod" (Vladivostok) (1895-2009)
it is not clear

How do they make buut work if the plant is not? Or is this another part of the plant?


IN "VEGA" (BERDSK, Novosibirsk
region) (1946-1999)



Saratov Aviation Plant (SAZ) (1931-2010)

Yes, but with other airlines that? And why is it closed?


Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Omsk Transport Mechanical Engineering Plant" (1896-2009)

CHELYABINSKY WATCH FACTORY "Lightning" (1947-2009)

Uglichskoe WATCH FACTORY "Chaika" (1938-2009)


Second Moscow Watch Factory "Slava" (1924-2006)

Chistopol Watch Factory "Vostok" (1941-2010)

Moscow Machine-Tool Plant. Sergo Ordzhonikidze (1932-2007)

Machine-Tool Plant "Sverdlov" (1868-2005)

STANKOMASH, Chelyabinsk (1935-2009)

Ryazan Machine Tool Works (1949-2008)

Kronstadt Naval Shipyard (1858-2005)

CJSC "Kuzbasselement" (1942-2008)

Irkutsk factory radio (1945-2007)

Precision Casting Plant "TSENTROLIT" (1963-2009)

Khorsky BIOCHIM (Khabarovsk Territory) (1982-1997)

Tomsk instrument factory (1961-2007)

Sivin (Krasnoyarsk) (197? -2004)

Krasnoyarsk plant TVs (1952-2003)

Plant "Dynamo" (Moscow) (1897-2009)

Orel plant control computers to them. KN Rudnev (1968-2006)

Orenburg hardware factory (1943-2009)

Khabarovsk plant "EVGO" (2000-2009

Radiolampovy Ulyanovsk plant (1959-2003)

Producing high-tech products for the defense needs, including military, medical and civilian lasers. Of civilian products — radios "Reef" and "The Rock."
Shop devastated enterprise turned into a commercial pavilions and farmed out to merchants.

Sibelectrostal, Krasnoyarsk (1952-2008)

ORENBURGSKY silk cloths plant "ORENBURGSKY TEXTILES" (1972-2004)

Barishskie FACTORY them. GLADYSHEVA, Ulyanovsk region (1825-2005)

LNOOBEDINENIE them. ID Zworykin, Kostroma (1939-2011)

Far Radio Works, Komsomolsk-on-Amur (1993-2009)

Velozavod, Yoshkar-Ola (1950-2006)

Velozavod, Lower Novgorod (1940-2007)

Perm ‘Velozavod "(1939-2006)

Prior to 1991, the Soviet Union was the third or fourth power in the world for the production of bicycles.

Baltic Plant (1856-2011)


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