Heroes of the Pacific Fleet submariners celebrate anniversary


05/01/2013, the

Ship on the waterfront in Vladivostok celebrated the 108th anniversary of the Submarine Force Pacific Fleet.

Veteran divers headed by the Deputy Commander of the Pacific Fleet for the Personnel Captain 1st Rank Anatoly Zelinsky, laid flowers at the monument to the first submarine and honored the memory of all those who stood on guard for the security of our country, while in the compartments of submarines.

The first Russian submarines in the Pacific appeared in 1903, on the eve of Russian-Japanese war. In Vladivostok in 1905 was the first in Russia ‘squad destroyers "imparted individual units cruisers based at Egersheld what was issued the corresponding order of the commander of Vladivostok port Rear Admiral Greve number 1102.

After a few months in the squad destroyers were 12 submarines patrolling the Gulf of Peter the Great, and did not allow the siege of Vladivostok Japanese fleet during the Russian-Japanese war.

July 31, 1905 Russian submarine "chum" had to participate in the successful landing of the reflection of the Japanese commando unit at Cape Lazarev. The next day while at sea abeam Cape Pogibi, "Chum" discovered two Japanese destroyers and intimidation carried out the maneuver, and then more Japanese ships did not attempt to go into the Amur Bay.

According to many experts and naval historians, submarines are not only saved from the Far East, the Japanese attack fleet of Admiral Kamimura, but also forced the world to think about the meaning of a new naval weapon.

Today Pacific Fleet incorporates nuclear and diesel submarines, which carry intercontinental ballistic missiles, shock and anti-submarine weapons, reliably protecting Far Eastern borders of our country.


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