Hiding the truth about UFOs, not only military but also themselves ufologists


Hiding the truth about UFOs, not only military but also themselves ufologists

10.12.03, the


(Author wished to remain anonymous)

Sincerely and earnestly request you to publish my article as a whole, otherwise the truth will not be known not only to ufologists, but also the public. My article is extremely objective and based solely on the facts. These facts indicate a large-scale cover-up the truth about UFOs in Russia and irrefutable evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, highlighting the role of Azhazha in this cover-up, and the marginalization of those that do not dare to have an opinion.

November 7, 1997 was 70 years old doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, academician and president of "Ufology and bioenergoinformatics" International Academy of Informatization, a prominent Russian ufologist VG Azhazha. I cordially congratulate hero of the day, along with the wishes him all the best, I would like to highlight a number of objective facts accompanying his UFO activity and hitherto unknown to the general public. These facts indicate widespread concealment and distortion of the truth about UFOs in Russia under the auspices of the military-industrial complex and scientific elite, hiding and denying the authority of irrefutable evidence of the reality of extraterrestrial life, the marginalization of those who disagree with what is happening, and highlight the role of Azhazha and his colleagues in the cover-up. Recall how and where to begin Azhazha his career as a UFO while the captain of the second rank in the Northern Fleet. Few people know that he has received widespread support and military authorities at the time.
November 11, 1976 He made a report in a section of underwater exploration Oceanographic Commission of the USSR. Under the title "The collection and analysis of information about the hydrosphere UFO" it was included in the work schedule ACT OK USSR.
In November 1976 Azhazha wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin on the issue of UFOs. Then Azhazha visiting the science department of the Central Committee of the CPSU, as well as management control of outer space and the Ministry of Defence personally Deputy Minister of Defense, which gave a detailed report on UFOs. But the fact that he had learned in high offices, Azhazha silent and still.
In December of the same year He became the scientific director of research (R & D) "hydrosphere aspect of the UFO problem," curated … Intelligence Office of the Chief of Naval Staff (GRU department is widely known and "Aquarium", ie, the Intelligence Chief of the General Staff). These works were later concentrated in the military unit 62728 in St. Petersburg.
July 15, 1977 Azhazha presented to the customer first stage of research, "Guidelines for the organization of observations paranormal in the Navy" (Ref. N 13037/6-SPI). October 7, 1977 These guidelines were introduced by Order deputy. Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral P. Navoytseva. Later, the same instructions were developed and adopted for the Soviet Army, where information flows down in a / h 67947 (Mytischi), signed by the Engineer-Colonel R. Pokrovsky.
Thus, from the very beginning of ufology Azhazha was in the interests of … Military Intelligence. And as you know, intelligence in organizations such as the GRU, where "input — ruble output — two" becoming one time, become good.
During our last meeting in Simferopol Azhazha frankly told me: "No word on trust anyone, not even me …". The Council has been very helpful. Here he writes in his book "The Craft of Intelligence" Allen Dulles, "because of the nature of professional intelligence organization is necessary that it picked up the footage for yourself for a long time … And when these people get into the exploration, promotion to higher grades should go so that respects the interests of both the government and themselves. "
Yes, there were at Azhazha and complications with the authorities, but they only have been associated with the prohibition of the Central Committee of the CPSU on the speech on the subject of UFOs in 1980 and fears Azhazha disclosure of classified UFO information, although he certainly did not have full access to it. Meanwhile, hidden UFO activity Azhazha continued all the time. It was then Azhazha within a closed committee on UFOs collaborates with its members, the astronauts — Col. Khrunov and Colonel. G. Lazarev, vitseadmiralom M. Krylova, astronomers Gindilis L. and H. Schnee, using old GRUshnye military ties. This is Azhazha still not covered. Let us now look objectively at work Azhazha, when he became the "main ufologist" in the Soviet Union, and then the "ufologist number one" in the CIS, leading the then Union UFOtsentr (collapsed or intentionally collapsed?) And the International UFO-association (IPA) as First Vice President at … Colonel-General Popovich (who became president). Something often near Azhazha we meet colonels, admirals and generals!
Along with a significant contribution to the development of ufology Azhazha during 1989-1990,., His position suddenly changes dramatically from an ardent supporter of the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis it is … her ardent denier, confidently asserting: "UFOs — not aliens!" By turning the issue of UFOs in the public eye, something efimernoe multifaceted under vague definition of "local materialization of the essence of the Absolute through parallel worlds," uncritically borrowing with no less than the vague idea of foreign colleagues, in particular, Jacques Vallee. The very Valle, who once worked closely with the CIA consultant, Professor John A. Hynek.
It is surprising that Azhazha earlier falls asleep listeners information about disasters UFOs and alien corpses, showing photos captured UFO and humanoids in the hangars, suddenly publicly and quite convincing, despite the facts, debunks the UFO crash in Roswell, the reality is that there is no doubt at all serious researchers. In 1992 Azhazha visited museum in Roswell, and in the same year (in the U.S.), he meets with American ufologists, among whom was Phil class (as is clear from the available documents, Phil class since 1973, is a CIA agent, his task — debunking UFO sightings with "plasma theory," ball lightning and aircraft), and Dr. Richard Haines, a former NASA employee, who works closely with government agencies. Interesting coincidence, is not it? In the same 1992 Azhazha began to cooperate with the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
Then the extraterrestrial hypothesis is already beginning to be treated as Azhazha oversimplification, "ufoprimitivizm", which imposes a significant imprint on the whole approach to the study of the problem of UFOs and the attitude toward dissent. So Azhazha opinion has changed, but for some reason when it became the official match!? But sensible reasoning, just "ufoprimitivizmom" legitimately be called the position of the Azhazha as ill-founded, an absolute one point of view on the nature of the UFO, in which he tries to consider all of the phenomenon, which is a serious methodological error. Remarkably the name of one of the chapters of his latest book "theater of the absurd." It is from this point of view sees UFO Azhazha. However, he does not even allow advance the idea that some UFOs may be extraterrestrial nature and, as a material with metal devices aliens with man-made stuffing. So cram Azhazha man in the street, the UFO can not wreck and there's no hiding the truth about UFOs and the military authorities in secret hangars and laboratories. Azhazha a blind eye to the need for in-depth data collection and study of UFO sightings and enlonavtov, their comparative analysis, classification, cataloging, contact information that such an approach known to be discarded. It all falls in a heap and is interpreted as polymorphism UFO variability false in nature. Contactees do almost without exception declared liars and mentally abnormal on the basis of "objective scientific data."

Meanwhile, here are a half-century history of post-war UFO rather evidence of the multifaceted nature of the UFO, the impossibility of "push" UFO in one hypothesis, a unified theory of UFOs. Pluralism is badly needed, and apparently it is closest to the truth in the comparison of freedom of opinion and scientific debate, which is clearly lacking Azhazha. Anything that does not climb into the narrow blinders of their position, all the facts and evidence in favor of the UFO crash, concealment devices and dead alien, Azhazha reason persistently ignored, proving ridiculous government's version of "Rosvellskogo cylinder." And that is hiding from the people in the hangars of the zone 51, the military unit 73790 in Zhitkure (on the range "Kapustin Yar"), and in Odintsovo (Moscow region), Azhazha keep complete silence. As well as the fact that the UFO crash took place in our country, credible cases in 1959 in Poland, 1974 near Donetsk, 1978 in Kazakhstan in 1979 in the Urals, in 1984 on the Kola Peninsula in 1987 under the Vyborg and Monchegorsk, 1989 in the Perm region, many other cases of seizure of irrefutable physical evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations. As for the alien corpses, studied in Moscow and near Semipalatinsk. As a leading ufologist country Azhazha with his connections could not know about it, and at least partially some of the facts were known to him for sure. But apparently, he deliberately concealed them.
Another interesting coincidence. In end of 1991 in the press under the auspices UFOtsentra Azhazha turned discrediting information about alleged in the 1983 UFO crash in the North Caucasus, according to the group FI Konovalov and VP Kostrykina from Nalchik. How is it back to the stories of eight years ago on the basis of the old Polish props? And here's why. As recognized in 1995, a senior Ukrainian military, Chief Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine Ministry of Defense, Colonel V. Lunev, it was in 1991 near the town of Cool fighter was shot down by a UFO, inside of which were found the bodies of two beings, and the third was alive. All materials and apparatus taken on the external load of the Mi-26 in / h 73790 in Zhitkur. The role of a cover of the operation and played Azhazha company to refute the UFO crash. Nalchinskaya group of ufologists in general was then closed, and the Konovalov after his publications about the UFO cover-up in Russia … went missing in 1997. Perhaps he too close to the dangerous truth about the UFO crash in Kabardino-Balkaria?
When I approached one of the closest colleagues Azhazha, the former head of the North Caucasus Scientific Coordination UFOtsentra MUA VP Utenkova a request for an investigation under Cool UFO crash, including the need for a formal request on behalf of the AMM authorities on this matter, it was pretty rough 14.10.97, the response from the ref. N112/343, in which he said: "No formal request I send will not penetrate the walls of silence … my head, and I feel sorry for her. Do not want my insignia flew off his shoulders ahead of time" (Utenkov is a career officer … Russian army!). He also told me that he is "not a coward," but at the end of the eighties in Rostov just defeated UFOgruppu, loudly about the crash as a result of a collision with a UFO near Rostov, the searches people were walking in civilian clothes and collected subscriptions of non-disclosure, and in places where are going now Rostov ufologists are often present shady characters, … "Engaged ufology, not only on his own initiative." My position Utenkov called … "Ufoprimitivizmom" and added that Azhazha also will not send any requests because his position is well known: "UFOs — not aliens. Crashed UFO can not be, because it can never be. "And he will not support anyone in such activities. I forwarded to the newspaper" The Crossroads of Centaur, "an article about the incident in the cool, but it has not yet been published. Instead, it publishes an extensive monologues Azhazha on general topics of" official ufology. "
In August 1996 Perm symposium "Natural and cosmic anomalies. Problems of Global Ecology and Survival of Mankind", which stated: "Over the past 50 years, governments of leading countries involved in the concealment of the fact of the alien presence on Earth, and most importantly, its relationship with an alien civilization , completely controlling humanity for many millennia. ufologists of the world have a huge amount of evidence of malignancy for the people of this kind of control. This is why the part of governments is to discredit scientists, researchers and policy makers involved in the investigation of the alien presence, as well as the concealment of the facts visiting our planet other alien civilizations … The individual members of the governments of various countries have tried to tell people the truth, for that have paid with their lives. So the president of Grenada was ousted from office in a military coup just for being questioned about the alien presence before the 33 session of the United Nations. Secretary U.S. Defense Secretary James Forrestal was thrown out of a skyscraper window only for the fact that he insisted on the publicized information about the connections of the U.S. government with an alien civilization. List of dead politicians and scientists vystupivishih against alien control of Humanity, very long. "
As a reaction to this Azhazha? In proazhazhevskoy newspaper "Crossroads Centaur" devastating article appeared for his authorship, where he attacked the organizers of the symposium. Leading ufologicheskiye Russian edition ("anomaly" in St. Petersburg, "Crossroads Centaur" in Rostov, "World unknown" in Moscow) under the control of the henchmen Azhazha and do not publish the facts about UFO cover-up in Russia, which promotes Azhazha. A "opozitsionnye" Azhazha publications such as the journal "anomaly" in Moscow and "World UFO" UFOS, covered. As rightly said Paul Stonehill in the article "The Russian military and UFOs" ("The Fourth Dimension and UFOs", N6, 1995), along with the continuation of UFO cover-up, "public ufology newly organized and chaired by functionaries of the government organizations that have at one time by mixing it with the bio-energy, almost disorganized (disorganized, more than 80% of all social groups) … At this point, it is clear that the UFO movement in Russia again trying to "cover up." That, in many ways, and managed to do today in the office "Ufology and bioenergoinformatics "given the current socio-economic situation, and the Association of ufologists CIS is rather formal. Real UFO in Russia could soon be counted on the fingers of one hand, sporadic activity of the very few remaining UFOgrupp fragmented.

To sum up the situation in which now was under the leadership of the Russian ufology Azhazha, I would like to know his opinion on the basis of the above facts clearly, and also about whether to make a formal request on behalf of the MUA about the UFO cover-up in Russia? That's only if he responds, whose motto was: "Do not trust anyone"? Facts are convinced that as a leading ufologist, he in fact has always been so, who began his UFO experience: the captain of the second rank, studying (and then distorts and hides, whether consciously or unconsciously) information on UFOs, the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial life and material evidence that, in the interest, ultimately, military and intelligence authorities.




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