High-precision rifle Ukrainian Zbroyar .458 SOCOM

Large-caliber rifle special silent Zbroyar .458 SOCOM developed Ukrainian private arms company «Zbroyar», that is, near Kiev.

It was created under the American ammo .458 SOCOM, the military version of which is based on hunting cartridge. The rifle on the concept of application is somewhat similar to the Russian rifle 6C8 SCD / VSSK "Exhaust". 

The cartridge has a high stopping power, so the rifle can also be used in police operations. Used Shop of American AR-15 rifle, also created for this cartridge. Reloading Manual, the shutter of the sliding, locking the gate formulation produced by three lugs in front of him. The total length of the rifle without a silencer is 840 mm.

There are three options cartridge .458 SOCOM: a bullet weighing 16 grams, and an initial velocity 609 m / s, with a bullet weighing 19 grams, and an initial velocity 580 m / s and with a bullet weighing 39 grams, and an initial velocity 304 m / s. No information can be used if a weapon without a muffler in which case it can be used all types of ammunition or rifle used in this embodiment, only the last cartridge with severe subsonic bullet, wherein relatively low velocity compensated by its large mass.

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