High-speed passenger ship Project A 145 launched in Zelenodol’sk

August 17. On "Zelenodol’sk plant them. Gorky" a ceremony launching the high-speed passenger ship new generation.

A vessel of 145 is a high-speed passenger ship gliding type, carrying 150 passengers with luggage in the passenger version with a speed of 40 knots at a distance of 200 miles in the coastal marine area in the main engine power 2h1440 kW. Seaworthiness of the vessel allow safe movement at sea state 4.  

The vessel was designed by the A 145, developed by specialists of the St. Petersburg company LLC "Agat Design Bureau". According to the General Director of JSC "Plant Zelenodolsky Gorky" Renata Mistahova with the implementation of this order the company has reached a new level — was to produce high-speed boats to sea. It is planned that these high-speed boats will be used to transport passengers during the 2014 Olympics and on travel regular routes and the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region.

A145 project developed by designers, LLC "Agat Design Bureau", St. Petersburg, to the development of the project and the A45 is designed for the transportation of passengers in the daytime on coastal shipping routes on the lines as long as 200 miles.

Key Features:

Length, m: about 35.0

Width, m: 6.8

Depth, m: 2.4

Draught at DWL, m: — in the displacement mode: 0.95 — in planing mode: 0.7

Displacement, t: 80

Crew. 6

The rate bonds.: At least 40

Passenger capacity. 150

Range, miles. 200

Main Engines: MTU 16V2000M72, KW 2h1440

Propulsion system: two water-jet propulsion HP 525M production of "Zelenodolsky plant named after M. Gorky"

Case Material: Corrosion-resistant alloy alyuminievomagnievy brand AMG 1561

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