High-speed train KVSZ the national project Air Express

July 30, 2013, led by the chairman Gosinvestproekta Vladislav Kaskiv held a demonstration ride pyativagonnogo domestic production of high-speed dual-system electric Kryukov Railcar (KVSZ), seen as a possible supplier of rolling stock to the national project "Air Express".

Participation in the demonstration trip took representatives of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, the China National Corporation of machine industry and general contracting, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ukrainian Railways, the media and Kryukov Railcar.

During a trip along the route Poltava-Kharkov demonstrated the basic technical characteristics of trains: a maximum speed of 160 km / h, work safety and control systems, providing non-stop motion when moving from site to site on alternating current with constant current, and vice versa, as well as comfort and more convenience for passengers.

Chairman Gosinvestproekta Kaskiv said: "We are interested in the operation of high-speed, comfort and safety of rolling stock to the national project" Air Express, "which will meet Ukrainian standards. The use of electric Ukrainian production gives the opportunity to develop the national economy, science and technology, to create new jobs. Demonstrated train today confirms the high level of skill Ukrainian engineers and domestic technologies, are not inferior to the world’s leading manufacturers in this field. "

Demo tour has gathered a lot of journalists from leading media in Ukraine.

Their questions answered Kaskiv, Chairman of the Board of PJSC "KVSZ" Eugene Brushwood, technical director Sergei Lutonin, director of sales and marketing Vadim Duzik, Head of Design Management Oleg Shkabrov. In particular Eugene Brushwood said: "The national project" Air Express "- a large-scale infrastructure project that implements the state for the first time for private funds. Choice of the Ukrainian version of trains for the national project will provide a competitive cost of rolling stock and, accordingly, ticket for passengers. KVSZ train — the first domestic train deluxe room with a high level of security and localization of production in Ukraine to 70%.

Power electric traction drive 2 MW, which is much more economical than their foreign counterparts, which have been proposed for the national project "Air Express".

During the trip, experts drew journalists’ attention to the benefits of electric KVSZ:

* This is the first domestic train deluxe room with a high level of safety;
* Its design allows us to offer the customer a lot of options to form a composition "Air Express" — from 2 to 6 cars depending on the traffic flow;
* The level of localization of production in Ukraine is 70 percent;
* Train adapted for the carriage of wheelchairs;
* Train adapted to the operating conditions in the Ukraine;
* Design provides the ability to upgrade trains to operate at speeds up to 200 km / h;
* The purchase and operation of Ukrainian trains gives the opportunity to create new jobs, and to ensure the development of science and technology.

Social benefits in time savings of passengers, the use of environmentally friendly mode of transport, strengthening the sense of pride in their country and its achievements.


1. PJSC "KVSZ" dual-system has a structure of inter-regional trains superior EKr1 for the operational speed of 160 km / h. On the basis of the electric plant can generate electric for single-system performance as the voltage supply 25 000 VAC (50 Hz) and DC 3000 V.

At the conclusion in August of this year, the contract for the supply of 4.5 pyativagonnyh trains for the national project "Air Express", their production and delivery is available until November 2014.

2. In the manufacture of electric trains for the national project "Air Express" PJSC "KVSZ" is ready to use a number of components produced in China.

3. Taking into account the fact that for the manufacture of rolling stock for the "Air Express" is proposed to use the basic design of the dual-system inter-regional trains EKr1
will not be necessary to conduct the following tests:

* Fixed strength tests of metal car bodies;
* Entry in the envelope and the passage of tight curves;
* Brake stationary and sea trials;
* Running and driving dynamic strength tests;
* Lifetime test frame motor and motor trucks and their components;
* Climatic tests;
* Testing for electromagnetic compatibility;
* Tests for fire safety and electrical safety of electrical equipment;
* Test the pantograph and others.

It will be necessary to perform such tests as:
* Entry by cars in the envelope;
* Ergonomic test (determination of the size of the passenger compartment and the passenger service area);
* The tests to determine the braking distance in the form a train;
* Trailer-power tests in the train.

At the above-mentioned re-testing will take about 1-1.5 months, which will be provided in the manufacture of the first electric trains — around July-August 2014.


PJSC "Kryukov vagonostroiteplny Plant" is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of railway rolling stock in Ukraine. Factory is a diversified high-technology company with a complete production cycle — from generating commercial and technical ideas to the delivery of finished products. This is confirmed by quality certificates IRIS (International Railway Standard) and ISO 9001 (Europe).

The national project "Air Express" provides for the construction of high-speed passenger rail service between the station. "Kiev-Passenger" and the International airport "Borispol".

The national project "Air Express" — is the first major infrastructure facility, which is implemented on the basis of not recoverable at low cost, and for private funds.


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