High-tech Niva with the tablet and GLONASS

 In Severodvinsk began testing the new car for employees PPP

  • High-tech "Niva Bronto"
  • High-tech "Niva Bronto"

November 23 officers patrol Severodvinsk got to test the new car — "Field-Bronto." The machine is designed specifically for the police and there is still in one piece. Its equipment is impressive. Beyond the usual radio and SSU — the machine is equipped with a satellite navigation system GLONASS-course as well as two video cameras: inside the cabin and the exchange rate, the data of which are recorded on the hard drive. The car has a sprinkler system, engine compartment, and among the optional equipment — electric winch, combined hydraulic shears, Inspection mirror set, a special battery lantern.

One of the most important additions — a tablet computer that is connected through the remote access to specialized databases. Now, in order to establish the identity of the citizen, the police need to send an email request. Impersonate another offender would be virtually impossible, because in addition to the passport data in the databases have a picture of a person, information about offenses committed by him earlier, and other information.

In a solemn ceremony the head of the organization of public order of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergei Alsufev handed over the keys of a modern police patrol car, the driver OBPPSP OMVD Russia in the city of Severodvinsk Artem Shestakov. Police officer immediately appreciated the spacious lounge, which is conveniently located even in body armor, as well as its technical stuffing and cross car.

Prior to the Arkhangelsk region "Field-Bronto" three months was tested in Tatarstan. According to the test engineer Oleg Danilina with the wishes of the police at the car has been reinforced suspension, increased ground clearance, modified wheel drive system, reduced vibration.

After testing in the Far North, with the wishes of the police Pomerania, in the construction and equipment of the automobile may be necessary modifications. In the future we plan to organize mass production of a new police car.

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