Highland electromechanical plant begins production of ants

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Of "Highland Electromechanical Plant" (KEMP) is launching a new product — a mini-loaders «Ant» («Ant"). A small, manoeuvrable machine lives up to its name.

"Ant" in his bucket capable of lifting 650 kg of snow or sand to 3.5 meters into the back of any truck. Also, when changing attachments, he turns into a clever assistant, performing a variety of activities: street cleaning, spreading agents, kneading concrete and digging trenches.

Office mini-loader is using the levers cabin is equipped with a two-speed heater. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic Danish, English, engine, other equipment — Czech production. Russian far only assembly. But this is temporary.

As the Deputy Director of "KEMP" Sergei Tsibulnik before the end of this year is going to KEMP initial batch of 10 of these machines. According to him, since 2012 mini loader equipment with the exception of the engine is completely domestic.

Currently being developed further 2 cars with more powerful options — with a loading capacity of 950 kg and 1200.

"If the market will accept it — and he should accept it, because the car itself is very urgent — that we will gradually move to high-volume assembly of these machines," — said the deputy governor of Vladimir Oblast Vladimir Veretennikov.

In the Russian market Kovrovskaya "ant" will have to compete with the U.S., "trot" — a super-popular all over the world loaders «Bobcat». Parameters at both cars are similar, but "ant" weighs less and has a higher ground clearance, in addition, it can operate at -40. And most importantly, its price is 900 thousand rubles., Which is 300 thousand cheaper than the U.S. counterpart.

"I do not think that the size of the economy of this will produce some revolutionary changes. It’s just one of the interesting areas of the business. And an element of prestige to the region — that is, we are reviving the production of the final kinds of machinery products ", — said Vladimir Veretennikov.

Half a billion rubles — a sales forecast Kovrov trucks next year. For the industrial production of this will be a positive thing. Despite the fact that the economy of the region by the statements of officials gives monthly growth of 15-20%, many plants are going through hard times.

For JSC "KEMP" similar utility vehicle is not entirely new type of product. Earlier in the factory production of control systems, electrical and hydraulics for similar equipment manufactured by JSC "Kurgan".

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