Highland mechanical plant has increased the pace of modernization

Of "Highland Mechanical Plant" (CMH included in the company "TVEL") in 2011 sent to the modernization of the production 282 million rubles, which is three times the amount of investment over the past year.

 Photo source:kvmz.ru

This year the plant has purchased advanced mechanical processing equipment for the production of the main products of the enterprise — gas centrifuges. The entire net profit of the plant for the year 2010 in the amount of 274 million rubles was aimed at the development of the plant.

In 2011, the plant began full-scale modernization of production, calculated for three years. The company "TVEL" send CMH in 2011-2013, three billion rubles for the implementation of the investment program "New Works". By 2014, at the base of the plant will be set up plant for the production of gas centrifuges. Will purchase modern equipment and a complete reconstruction of the old industrial areas. In fact, three billion rubles will construct a new modern factory.

In 2011, as part of restructuring of assets on the basis of Motor Transport Department established a subsidiary OOO "CMH-car" and three outsourcing companies: "Service Center", Highland branch of LLC "IF" Pioneer "and campsite" creepers. "
JSC "KMZ", located in the city Kavrov, produces gas centrifuges to produce enriched uranium needed, including for nuclear fuel nuclear power plants. The company plans to soon master the mass production of centrifuges new (ninth) generation.
"Fuel elements" (fuel company Rosatom) brings together industrial and academic assets in the field of nuclear fuel fabrication, separation-sublimation of the complex, as well as the production of gas centrifuges and equipment to them.
The company occupies 17% of the world market of nuclear fuel production, RIA Novosti reported.

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