Himproizvodstva index rose by 15%

Index of chemical production in Russia in January-November 2010 increased by 15% compared to the same period in 2009, while the index of rubber and plastic products — by 22.4%, the Ministry of Industry. According to the Ministry, in particular, the production of rubber products increased by 24.2%, production of plastic products — by 19.2%, varnishes and paints — by 16.7%.

Polyethylene production rose by 8.5%. "Kazanorgsintez" increased production of these products by 4.5%, "Angarsk polymer plant" — by 22.2%, "Stavrolen" — by 20.5%, "Salavat" and "Ufaorgsintez" — by 15.5%. "Tomskneftekhim" has kept production at 11 months of last year. Release of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) increased by 7% to 542 thousand tons. In particular, "Sayanskhimplast" increased production by 5.6%, "Sibur-Neftehim" — by 7.5%, JSC "Caustic" (Sterlitamak) — by 7.7%. The volume of polystyrene production grew by 14.4% — to 278.7 thousand tons.

The production of polypropylene decreased by 12.1%. The decline in production due to planned overhaul in "SPE Chemicals" in Moscow in May-June 2010. Also decreased production of sodium hydroxide at 2.3%, due to lower hlorpotrebeniya at JSC "Caustic" Sterlitamak. The production of chemical fibers and yarns increased by 16.2% and amounted to 101.6 thousand tons. The increase in production is associated with increased production of synthetic fibers and filaments (18.5%) and fibers, artificial fibers (6.4%). Almost all species showed an increase in production assortments due to rising demand from the textile and petrochemical industries.

Production of nylon 11 months increased by 40% and amounted to 36.3 thousand tons. In particular, the production of textile yarns increased by 39.2%, industrial yarns — by 83.9%, cords — by 12.7%, staple fibers — by 8.4%. Production of mineral fertilizers in the January-November amounted to about 14.8 million tonnes, which is 23.5% more than in 2009, writes Rupec.ru.

Purchase of fertilizers domestic agricultural producers accounted for about 2.1 million tonnes — 4.6% less than the same period in 2009. Ministry of Industry and explains the reduction of purchases "severe financial and economic situation of the domestic agricultural producers, especially the victims of this summer’s drought, and thus reduce the area sown winter crops."
In 2010, the purchase of fertilizers agricultural goods made in the context reduction compared with 2009, more than twice the amount of the federal budget to be sent to the payment of the cost of acquisition of chemicals by domestic agricultural producers.

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