Hoaxes of the last century: the truth and fiction about the phenomena




Wolf Messing, V.V.Shereshevsky, Rosa Kuleshov, Nina Kulagina, Wang, Chumak Kashpirovsky, Longo, Uri Geller and others ….
Over the 40 years since the vigorous interest in the phenomenology of person, I had to track down a lot of posts about the phenomena that are widely known in experimental psychology. When my personal experimentation with many well-known personalities, I applied his method of discriminatory analysis, resulting in the majority of so-called phenomenon was not found advertised psychophysiological features. All this seemed to me like mysticism, ie illusion to believe that some representatives of science, and the general viewing audience.

Wolf Messing.

In 1966, in the month of October and I checked telepathic abilities Messing in Semipalatinsk Medical Institute. Arriving in the city specifically to test his abilities, I decided to get to the maestro. He turned me in conversation. I was forced to turn to the organizers of the speeches, the employees of the local Philharmonic to get on public speaking. I introduced them to their fellow musician playing in an ensemble. And they helped me. This is my aspiration interested Messing and he asked them who the bothersome young man. They informed him by presenting me as a musician from the neighboring Barnaul Philharmonic.

During his speech, Messing I asked the students to take part in the session, but with my job. My task was divided in complexity into three stages. At the first stage, Messing had to demonstrate their ability to muscle sensitivity to Ideomotor acts experiment participant (viewer). The second stage — showing its ability to logical thinking. And the third stage — the telepathic ability to identify an image that was known only to me. The job was such by content: go down into the audience, stay with 3 rows and stamp his foot, walking to the 10th row, and show the chandelier at the end of the hall to find the briefcase, learn from it and reveal the book on page 101. There's an envelope and take it to define who is a symbol — a dove of peace Picasso and say the phrase: "Peace — peace." As I expected, Messing coped brilliantly with the first stage, as carried out his hand to a contact. Stage 2, where he demonstrated the art of analysis was satisfactory, and the third stage was absolutely impracticable for Messing, as information may only be given in the words of the shell material.

Subsequently, I have shown that a number of students to their complex studies. In particular, it identified a needle hidden in the building and conceived the book in the library to find her, stuck a needle in the word that they're up to, having it out of the visual and hand contact. We came back to the room and went to the scene where Wolf Messing was surrounded by many fans. When he saw me, he said, "Young man, do not need to get involved in this. It is given by God. Mind your own business and you will be a great musician."

Then the young students could not resist and told him that I was just outside of this room study showed that more complex than those that were in their program. This caused a wild rage like most Messing, and at the organizers. His next speech, he canceled. But something Messing was right. In 1975, I was preparing a room for operational thinking, based on the functional asymmetry of the brain. And for the first time learned to play the piano, but playing the piano with his left hand, I'm writing right and do another 5-6 Gnostic actions. Unaffordable for today and in the coming years, to undertake such a balancing act's greatest musicians. After 10 years, I was on tour in the same city where experimented with Messing. And it was in medical school I was offered a job that I once suggested by students Messing. I realized this at the first stage. Perhaps students who have already become graduate students and scholars remembered task, which stumbled famous Messing, deciding to "knock down" and George Mountain. Naturally, I carried it out without hand contact without looking absolutely true, which caused excitement and questions about how I managed to do. To which I replied slyly: "Ask our outstanding physicists A.I.Kitaygorodskogo and VL Ginzburg, my supporters to combat pseudoscience and mysticism." The most real phenomenon described in experimental psychology — is mnemonist.

SV Shereshevsky, the capacity of which over 30 years studying the outstanding Soviet psychologists Vygotsky and AR Luria. The latter wrote the book "The Little Book of the great memory," which states that Shereshevsky had the strongest memory as described in the scientific literature. He could remember 20 digits for 35-40 seconds. and hold them in its memory a decade. Sure, Shereshevsky had an eidetic memory. But these same 20 digits can remember any normal person in 20 seconds, using mnemonic techniques. I was convinced, working with the students of my school. As to the surprise of scientists about his long-term memory, it is not a fact. After each demonstration Shereshevskiy coming home, shorthand and then this information is constantly refreshed his memory, especially before the upcoming meeting with the scientists. And the question Luria, not whether he remembers the information that they gave him four years ago in the country in Vygotsky, invariably replied: "I remember," and repeated it with absolute precision.

Rose KULESHOVA, which is widely known as a phenomenon, endowed with the effect of the so-called Skin view, basically, this is done on a primitive level, through the secret outstanding Indian magician Sorcar, who first realized this number.

Sometimes, in the scientific community, it applied a different method. In particular, this technique is shown in the movie "Seven Steps to the horizon." Kuleshov asked to define the word in 4 letters, sealed in an envelope. When asked how she felt, she replied: "Wand." Experimenter: "That's right, and what else?" Kuleshov, "kruglyashok." Experimenter: "That's right, so tell me, what letter?" Kuleshov: "P". Experimenter: "What's the second?" Likewise, the second letter was defined only in a lightweight version for Kuleshova as she knew the (assumed) that the second letter — is necessarily a vowel, as well as a 3 consonant. As a result, defined the word ORE. And the delight of the experimenter. And it was the most "difficult" conditions of the experiment in which ever participated Rose Kuleshov.

Ninel Kulagina from Leningrad became famous with the numbers of so-called telekinesis. In all his tricks she has applied strong magnets and thin filaments, invisible to the observer. Sometimes this is done subtly. For example, asked the match cover glass, and they are still moving, changing direction, which it asked. In the pre-match were driven thin steel needles, which was carried out by the impact of magnets arranged in her shoes and in the abdomen.

Baba Vanga Dadyan Vanya from Taldykorgan.

Of seers, with whom I had to experiment with the most vivid special Uncle Vanya was of Taldykorgan, whose popularity in the 1970s was higher than that of Vanga. I was on tour in the city. The driver who drove me on stage floor, under the influence of my sessions said that they also have in the village healer Uncle Vanya. He is blind and has hypnotized and cures for many diseases of people coming to him from Siberia, the Far East, Central Asia, etc. He has that ability to know everything that happened to a man in his life. I, in turn, confirmed the driver the option of Uncle Vanya in his psychotherapeutic effects, but completely rejected his second ability. The driver asked me to make a bet and prove the ability of Uncle Vanya. I agreed on a bet, and a week later we went to the village 30 km. from Taldykorgan. In a way we were driving and remember with my producer JI Nekipelov of the most exotic cases in my life, but these cases were the product of my imagination producer in real life never happened. After driving up to the house of a healer, we saw a large number of sufferers who came for healing to Uncle Vanya. Many, like us, came by taxi. We were received out of turn, but first we requested for our driver.

Uncle Vanya and his assistant wife greeted us kindly and to me said a lot of compliments. After that, Uncle Vanya took my hair and put in a bottle of water. Holding the bottle, he began a lengthy monologue about my life, well accompanied by his fictional facts that have been heard in the way our driver. When we returned, the driver asked me how it was possible to make Uncle Vanya. I handed him an envelope, which was the explanation. And so it happened. All taxi drivers, and it including working with Uncle Vanya manager-informants. They take a train station passengers and guarantee acceptance and accelerate the passage of the queue for a decent payment. After that, bowing to my professionalism, he let us in many of the subtleties of psychological treatment of their customers, and I have no doubt that she was carrying a powerful psychotherapeutic effect, filling the existential vacuum and complementing uncle Vanina ability. Most of remembering Uncle Vanya Taldykorgan, I find it manipulative psychology pioneer — Section of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy. If Uncle Vanya was the pioneer of the single, the Baba Vanga was able to put the case to the state level.

She oversaw a small-town ideologues and special services in Bulgaria and their colleagues.

Therefore opted for "treatment" of people known, large-scale, from writers and Leonov Mikhalkov, nar.artista V.Tihonova, N.Behterevu academician, president Todor Zhivkov, President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a journalist of the newspaper "Pravda" Ow. Sudakov, and hundreds of other well-known and thousands of little-known people. All of them, as a rule, were amazed insight Vanga, especially the Bulgarian president, to whom she told the half-century-old case of his life, when he was still alive, but my friends were killed. But the case is not only remembered Todor Zhivkov, but entrusted to him before security forces.

V.I.Sudakovu I recommended to apply my discriminatory — diskreditatsionny method that I applied to the precursor of Vanga Uncle Vanya. He did it brilliantly, making for a meeting with her, it's just a legend, which is necessary for certain people to advertise exotic Bulgarian tourist business, as well as some structures for extensive, professionally important communication.

Therefore, Vl. Perch continues to support the legend that need a lot, but he knows the real price of fact. Now he has a new subject Grabovoj Gregory, of which he wrote the book. As a journalist of the newspaper of the Central Committee of the CPSU "The Truth", he should call it "Not a word of truth."

But not all get hooked clairvoyant Baba Vanga. Alexander Bovin, our political correspondent, and later the first Russian ambassador to Israel, with its robust and critical thinking, for all his kindness to Vanga did not see it soothsayer. And she told him claimed that back in 1973 that the Soviet Union during the month will bring the troops in Chile. And many other things that she told him about his family, not even approximately matched to the present day, though in its place any more — or less observant person would be more accurate!

So remind her admirers vyskazavanie famous mathematician David Hilbert, "Let me take that twice — two — five, and I will prove that out of the chimney off a witch." This is truly true: "On the bait sit down and picks up the truth lies on the bait".

Throughout the long years of dealing with a number of "wizards" I was convinced of their absolute lack of spirituality, understanding spirituality. as an attempt to satisfy the need for truth and the need to do good for others.

So what are the requirements to satisfy these actors?

At the first stage, they had a need to ensure material well-being, and when it was possible, it appeared exaggerated need for recognition and fame. That work, which they were trying to do, in the broadest sense — humanities. It requires a lot of system knowledge in many of the fundamental sciences of man, and this knowledge is not acquired minutely, and require long-term hard work, the acquisition of skills.

The intention of these subjects to pass the desirable for reality being swallowed up all of these individuals, so they chose the path of expansion crafty mind. And litsedeystvoval to themselves and society.

In Russia it is very evident in the late 90's, when there was a myriad of various sorcerers, healers, messiahs, pastors, wizards, magicians. Of course, all this was done with the permission of the authorities.

With major magicians I had to closely communicate. Some worth mentioning. In those years, visited a Russian Italian Bondzhovani, as he claimed, at the request of Raisa Gorbachev, who proclaimed himself a long-dead shepherd Francesco, which was the Virgin Mary, and passed on the message of the apocalyptic future in the second half of the century the terrible cataclysms. To prove his point, he showed at the hands of non-healing stigma — the wounds of Christ. Seeing as situationally evolving model of its propaganda bleeding wounds, I doubted his ability to self-sufficient for this purpose through self-hypnosis. Most likely, the young man dig up yourself through wounds and quite professionally, as previously worked as a shoemaker, kept them in a state of non-healing so that when visiting the visitors bleed simple muscle tension. This I had to make a personal meeting with him. He wanted very much together with a group of his assistants to managers to convince me otherwise. After all, how he wanted to celebrate with their ideas in the major sports arenas and on television.

Our "local" too, he did not concede. This Chumak Kashpirovsky, Longo and Colonel-General Joon. Each was original in its own way. Longo was the most brazen. He is "revived" the dead and claimed that it would have done with Lenin, but for some reason the third department of the KGB would not let him. All this nonsense that was rushing from TV screens, did not respond neither the government nor the public.

One day I was speaking in a live program "The Third Eye", expressed the leading I.Kononovu Longo and his displeasure over the letters that I personally get a request from the audience assist Longo meeting with him to help find the missing head of the family, ie . husband, father and grandfather Artamonov. Longo took the letter and a photo. He waved his hands and said that people there in 6 months, and now he is on the run, because police looking for him. At this time, the family Artamonovs in full sitting of the TV and watched the transfer. When we left the next broadcast, I announced that the family is outraged Longo defamatory statements about their father and husband who will not get lost, and Yu.Gorny joked with a letter and a photo. But I.Kononov and Longo have not experienced, and a trace of embarrassment.

All the rest is mainly specialized in healing. With the exception of Anatoly Kashpirovsky, they tried using some non-serious scientists, and especially with the help of artists, to convince the public that they have some unknown science field that energizes the body, and they are capable hands without touching the body of a man, differentiate this field and determine the patients disease.

To find out the truth I held a contest, which was more than four psychics — healers with all sorts of diplomas and other documents certifying their extraordinary opportunities. First, they were asked to determine the envelope there are plates, different temperature, density, composition, radiation, etc. There was no one correct guess. Further proposed to diagnose the three patients, one of whom was invited to the clinic with the exact diagnosis. Patients were placed behind a screen to prevent the visual analysis. "The Sorcerer" was diagnosed, and he never coincided, moreover, that two objects behind the screen were mannequins — in the form of a man and a woman general.

But the dummies were set all kinds of diagnoses, and dummy-General even women's gynecological diseases. When the contest ended — a social experiment — then no channels glorified these scams are not lit their grief. But the earth, as they say, is rife with rumors, and millions of people no longer use the services of rogues, speculating on their health. I'm incredibly proud of this and mocks their patrons, blind leaders of the blind — the authorities from the first to the fourth.

I would like to tell you more about one of my social experiment that I conducted on the Leningrad TV. There was a three-hour round table with the participation of leading scientists psychotherapists, astrophysicists, biologists. Each of the scientists took the viewers to explain the well-known magicians from the hypnotist Kashpirovsky to Globa astrologist. And for me, remained a big company: Uri Geller, Chumak, Jun and others who allegedly give birth to their energy watch and treat people.

Given the mass consciousness, and knowing the regions with increased suggestibility, temperature and seismic regime, and the range was from the Baltic to the Urals, I spent dvuhminuty session. This was followed by hundreds of thousands of calls and letters come in which the audience is notified of his healings and not start working hours, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Thus, having socio-psychological experiment, I confirmed that, together with the effect of suggestion "sorcerers" arrogate to themselves the credit for spontaneous healing orphan cases, depending on many social and physical rhythms in society.

Subsequently, the monitoring of which I spent by tracking the dynamics of suggestion by region of the country, was confirmed in the two election campaigns.

Yuri Mountain

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