Holding HaloPolymer launched into operation a system of IFS Applications.

Holding HaloPolymer launched into operation a system of IFS Applications.

This system is used to manage the maintenance and repair of equipment, and logistical MRO.

The main objective of innovation — more efficient use of production equipment by reducing material losses and wastage.

IFS Applications — one of the leading software vendors.

It ranks third among the largest systems for the automation of asset management companies (EAM) in the world.

This system is used by companies such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Pepsi Shanghai, BMW, Ignalina NPP, HPP "Three Gorges" (China), Volvo, Oriflame and others. In Russia, the CIS and the Baltic countries — the United Aircraft Corporation, Vnukovo aircraft repair plant number 400, Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant, Novokuznetsk water utility, Mareven Food Central (trademark "Rollton") and others.

The system allows companies to act quickly in a changing market environment.

IFS Applications supports the concept of ERP, SCM (supply chain management), CPM (Corporate Performance Management), EAM (enterprise asset management), PLM (product lifecycle management), CRM (customer relationship management) and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul of art). IFS MRO solution designed to automate the process of planning, management and accounting activities related to the maintenance, repair, after sales of fixed assets.

The solution is particularly in demand in the enterprise with considerable production capacity, increased requirements for safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

Employees of these companies are treated daily huge amounts of data, which significantly complicates the planning, preparation and accounting for repair activity.

In a market environment without automating these tasks successfully run a business is not possible.

Integrated Automated System Enterprise Resource IFS Applications to optimize key business processes.

This automation significantly reduces production costs and improves the quality of products.

The solution implemented at the same time on 2 plants of the holding — at LLC HaloPolymer Kirov-Chepetsk and HaloPolymer of Perm.

"The introduction of IFS Applications, we have a common information space that brings together information about all the processes of maintenance of equipment and material and technical support maintenance activities. The use of IFS Applications will optimize the management of maintenance and repair, align it with the production plan and improve the efficiency of the company as a whole ", — said director general HaloPolymer Perm, Boyko.

Currently HaloPolymer — the leading Russian and global manufacturer specializing in the production of fluorinated products, primarily fluorinated polymers.

The company sells its products in more than 30 countries around the world, it owns 9% of the world market Fluoropolymers and over 80% in domestic market Fluoropolymers and their products.

This is the only Russian company producing special fluoropolymer (the company ranked 4th in the world in the production of fluoropolymers — fuses and fluoropolymers ftorkauchuki).

Also, the company — the country’s only producer of ozone-friendly refrigerants including Freon-125 and sulfur hexafluoride (10% of the world market).

Among the key products produced in factories HaloPolymer calcium chloride, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, a variety of products of fluorine chemistry.

The product line of the company has about 100 names. Fluoroplastics — are unique products which are obtained by chemical means.

The high bond strength of fluorine atoms and carbon atoms cause a good combination of physical and chemical properties unmatched by any other material.

High heat resistance, exceptional chemical resistance, excellent mechanical, dielectric, anti-friction and anti-adhesion properties, as well as the ability to maintain these properties in a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures, provided the use of fluorine plastic in almost every industry. Traditional fluoropolymers and products based on them in the order of 60% of the total production of fluoroplastic.

Fluoropolymers market gradually replenished composites based on them.

But despite this, the position of their traditional polymers do not pass.

The demand of these plastics is understandable: their properties allow these materials to not only compete with metals, but to exceed them.

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