Holding RT-Himkompozit is ready for serial production of composite assemblies for MS-21


"CVTs" Technology "(part of the holding company" PT Himkompozit ") made an installation, commissioning and start-up of prepregs for automated calculations of Macedonian firms MIKROSAM. New plant will be used in the manufacturing process of carbon fiber tail assembly of aircraft components for aircraft MS-21.

"Application installation will completely abandon the manual labor at this stage of production and, therefore, allow several times to reduce the complexity of manufacturing large-scale structures and to correct the shortcomings of manual labor, as contamination of product material, reducing the strength characteristics, failure angle calculations prepreg" — the general director of the holding company "PT Himkompozit" Sergei Sokol.

New installation allows laying open not only on rectilinear surface, but also enables the manufacture of composite parts from the surface of double curvature and a single size from a few square centimeters to a large element size 9 x 6 meters and a height of 0.9 m It is possible to manufacture parts as a constant and a variable thickness in certain areas.

As previously reported, CVTs "Technology" in the face of the holding company "PT Himkompozit" entered into co-operation on the project MS-21 in the production of panels caisson fin and stabilizer for aircraft family perspective plane.

Holding "RT-Himkompozit" combines strategically important Russian enterprises and research centers. The main activity of these enterprises — research and innovation in the field of polymer-composite materials and their products.

CVTs "Technology" specializes in conducting scientific applied research and innovation in the field of new materials, unique designs, technologies and mass production of high-tech products made of polymer composites, ceramic and glassy materials for the aerospace, aviation, land and water transport, energy and other industries industry.

Excerpted from the website: http://aviaforum.ru/showt…d.php?t=20274&page=64 

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