Hollywood makes a film about the war in August 2008

"Five Days in August"
Who have no clue, see the trailer.

Well, as you? 

But the most disgusting in this film is that in making the film involved Russianwith Russian roots.

This is what I suggest. There is an opportunity to send a message through the form below, or soap to everyone. I propose to organize a flash mob and ask (every time I think what to call them) in these … well, generally ask these why they are participating in the creation of false rusofobsokogo film.

Let’s just do it politely, without offense. As an option the following message:

As you have enough conscience to participate in a false Russophobian film "Five Days in August"? Or the money does not smell?

Watt here or offered another option

Good afternoon.

How do you feel about his involvement in the shooting and openly anti-Russian propaganda film "Five Days in August"?

Do you share the message of the film? If not, why are you doing this?
If for the sake of money: what is now the exchange rate of thirty pieces of silver?

And we will wait for a response. Maybe people will play the conscience?

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