[Img =] CSKA and "growth" is quite an interesting history of the relationship. It was a duel of these teams in Rostov-on-Don was once named the treaty in the press, which led to a lawsuit against the Army Club newspaper "Soviet Sport", which is a slow mode is continuing. A few years ago it was in a duel with "growth" was seriously injured Igor Akinfeev out of action for almost nine months. Finally, Rostov team led by Oleg Dolmatov now is not the last person to army of fans. [Cut] [b] Rosgosstrakh Russian Championship. The sixth round [/ b] [i] CSKA — "growth" — 1:2 Goals: Aldonin, 17 (1-0); Lebedenco, 42 (1:1), Hong, 48 (1:2). Missed penalty: aspen, 73 (P). [/ I] In 1998, under his leadership CSKA Moscow for the first time in Russian history, won medals — silver, and a year later extracted in the treasury of the club and even bronze. All these above facts, of course, to the current match had a pretty distant relationship. Too different tasks are positioning commands, although "growth" started quite well. But we have such a championship that surprises can happen in any match, especially as CSKA loves surprises and give home points weaker class rivals. CSKA combined the arrival of "growth" with a charity event. Two orphans from the orphanage Podolsky attended the match of their favorite football team with "growth." 13-year-old Gene Yusupov and Yuri Borisov long dreamed cheer for the soldiers at the stadium, and the leadership of the army club has met young fans. Before the starting whistle, they took pictures with the first team, and after the game went into the locker room to their idols and collected autographs. Zico again left out of the application to match their Brazilians, although Carvalho accurately recovered and even played for the reserves. Wagner was not at all visible, but also passed the information that he recovered. The match began with the attacks of "growth", which offered a rival fast football and a very well organized defense. CSKA possession of the ball but did not dominate. Dangerous moments almost was not. Guests were ready for all the moves a formidable opponent, but with non-standard strokes at the army was tugovato. But the first of which led to a goal. Odia said Aldonin spurt in the box and threw it out just at his feet. Eugene struck, and the ball ricocheted off his feet Rozhkov flew into the net. After the goal, CSKA seemed controlled the game, but at the end of the first half still missed. Beat Lebedenco Shchennikova hit in the leg and bounced into the goal. Caught on protivohode Akinfeev stopped being powerless to help his team. The second half began with the attacks as "growth." And ultimately it is a goal in the gate Igor Akinfeev. Thrice gave CSKA defenders to break out of his penalty. At first Ivan hit the crossbar, then the strength of the aspen trunk Sergei Ignashevich, after which the Korean Yong Chong keeper. Zico sent the rest Necid and Mamaev, firing on the field Ryzhov and Maaziah, and for a while it worked. CSKA bred, have become angrier, but one can not do things anger. CSKA emotions Oleg Dolmatov contrasted elaborate tactical plan that the players performed brilliantly. Tight control Dzagoev, competent safety net — against it at Zico was nothing. And this had already happened with CSKA Moscow in the year. Remember the "Tom"? Then Yevgeny Giner said that everything is OK, just do not go the ball into the goal. Today, the ball went into the goal, but it did not change anything. And it could in fact for CSKA end even more sad, but was rescued by Igor Akinfeev saved a penalty from Michael Aspen. The captain of "growth" and had a second attempt, but did not really hit the ball when he was at the hands of the goalkeeper returned to him. In army there were moments in the second half, but were goal chances and guests. At the end of the match CSKA did not even gain a decisive assault. Guests defended very competently and confidently, without giving his opponent no chance to save the game. As you know, the champion is not someone who plays with direct competitors, but the one who does not lose points with outsiders. CSKA had already lost their six. House.

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