Hosted the first test operation of the new airport terminal Donetsk

Hosted the first test operation of the new terminal of Donetsk airport. This was reported in the Enterprise "International airport" Donetsk ".

The main purpose of the test operation — to make sure that the building will function properly as intended by designers, builders and management of the airport.

Test operation took about three hours. The event was attended by volunteers, which was held a short briefing on safety. Then the volunteers were given individual scenarios and evaluation forms. After that, the service scenario was played arriving passengers.

At the end of test operation of the volunteers completed the evaluation forms that will enable airport services to identify any shortcomings in the work of the staff or systems.

As deputy director of production company "Altcom" Sergei Kuprin testing is successful, the company no comments.

It is assumed that prior to the UEFA games will be eight test operation.

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