Hotch Marine Engineering has designed the fishing seiner

The company "hotch Marine Engineering" completed the project of the fishing trawler (RS — 600). Project work carried out in the framework of the federal target program "Development of civil marine engineering at the 2009 — 2016 years."

Seiners is a steel, all-welded, single-screw, single-deck vessel, aft engine room and isolated hold for transporting fish.

The ship‘s length — 35,50 m, width amidships — 9,00 m, height amidships — 4.80 m Seiner can reach speeds in the transition — 10.0 knots. Endurance — 10 days. Operational area — unlimited. 

Under the terms of the requirements specification, the ship provided fodder scheme trawling through the stern slipway width of about 2.5 m to reserve space for 12 — 16 crew members. On the decks are located cranes and trawl winch. To ensure the equipment with hydraulic motors on the ship provides hydraulic power.

Seiners designed for catching fish as trawling and snyurrevodom. A vessel may re-equipped fishing gear for catching purse, traps, longlines kalmarolovnymi winches.

The project meets all modern requirements for safety and environmental protection.


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