How are liberal myths

The recipe is simple: a little manipulation, lies and a little more emotion. And — another "duck" of Russia is ready. After the conversation was about information warfare, not bad deal in the kitchen stryapaniya liberal myths about our country.

Lie is always several steps.

Step One: "Reckless quote."

Radio "Echo of Moscow", Saturday, 1/15/2011, the program «Dura Lex»

In the studio, Michael Barshcheuski and Chairman of the Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin. Nice talking with each other Happy New Year congratulations.

Sergei Stepashin feel relaxed and comfortable. And he said the following words in a discussion with Borshevsky:

"M.BARSCHEVSKY … You’re talking now about the innovation. And, in fact, violating human rights, that these rights, common law rights, not allowing him to safety without providing him a remedy, we lost a lot of brains, which today could be very useful to us in innovation.
SS: But I have the exact figures. 1.25 million people working abroad. It’s not the worst of our …
M.BARSCHEVSKY: You mean, not plumbers?
SS: Well, it’s academics, professionals.
M.BARSCHEVSKY: Million 250,000?
SS: One million 250 thousand. It took about as much since 1917. "

So, what Stepashin said? He said that today work outside Russia 1,250,000 people. Intelligent, educated, scholars and experts.

Note — the head of the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation has not said a word about when these people have left the country. It was a different story: today work outside Russia 1000000 250 smart goals. And when they left? But for the entire post-Soviet period. And most likely, and including the late USSR.

You have to be careful with Sergei V. numbers. You have to be careful with words, with his office, but on a radio station.

Step two: "pereviranie quotes and creation of lies."

After the radio broadcast Liberals have done two things:

1. Began to replicate a figure of 1.25 million people, as obtained from a reputable source — from the head of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. As if the Chamber we consider leaving the country.

2. Serve this number, not the number of working abroad, and the number of emigrants from Putin’s Russia. The difference, I hope, clear

Before you lies the synthesis of carelessly spoken words Stepashin. Here are a few randomly selected Internet headers.

"According to the Chamber during the last years of the Russian emigration in the left 1.25 million people."

"The effect of Putin’s 10th anniversary: Smart people are fleeing from Russia. The country has covered another wave of emigration. The West has left 1.25 million Russians. From Russia again massively flee abroad. If we believe the calculations head of the Accounting Chamber Sergey Stepashin, in recent years, left the country 1.25 million people. "

Next, connect to the process is not simple, "parrot", and people pokvalifitsirovannee. The goal is the same — the creation of fake and newsworthy to say "all that we have lost."

"1,250,000 immigrants. Why flows away from Russia human capital? "- Says the name of the program to" Finam "FM. Start at the appropriate program: "So, according to the calculations of the head of the Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin, in recent years of Russian emigration in left 1.25 million people. This is the only official statistics. "

On a visit to his radio manipulators invited Dmitry Polikanova, deputy head of the Central Executive Committee of the party "United Russia". But for him and for all students, the figure has served as the official figures to leave in recent years.

Here’s how he put the question: "Dmitry, please tell me, that the younger generation of leaders of the party" United Russia "does not makes you think such statistics or she is within a generally acceptable, it may not mean anything, it’s normal? 1,250,000 left in recent years, but that’s okay. "

Trick — sort of like arguing with Stepashin young functionary of "United Russia" with no hands. Read the source of the information and make sure that Sergei V. meant and said not at all what they say leading Liberals do not have time and desire.

We are all liberals are always caught in one and the same — the majority of normal everyday people do not know the rules of the information war. They can not even imagine that liars will deliberately distort and falsify the facts and words. Both liberals use it. They are simply and blatantly lie.

The same technique is used in denigration of Stalin with "many millions of victims of repression" and generally smearing mud for the entire history of Russia.

Just remember — do not believe any quoted by the Liberals. In most cases, this will be either a lie or a deliberate manipulation. Check refute.

But the youngest member of the EP Polikarpov "bought" for a duck and did not argue with the figure of 1.25 million people, have left in recent years. And thus her, as if confirmed. And the "independent" media is exactly what the

Now we can also refer to the discussion: here was a functionary of the EP did not argue, agreed. And that means one million 250 thousand who left just out of the country — the truth.

Next figure "goes into blogs," and becomes obscheupotreblyaemoy. It is now a good example of that "Putin’s Russia" can not live a normal life.

Plugs and "Moskovsky Komsomolets", where is the famous "master" pen Minkin. He wrote an article entitled "Running from the tandem": "The Chamber has officially announced:" In recent years, Russia went from 1.25 million people. " The wave of immigration is slightly smaller than after 1917. These findings are confirmed by the Director of the Federal Migration Service Romodanovskiy "about 300-350 thousand Russians are leaving each year to work abroad." How many returns, he said. "…F564916-begom-ot-tandema-. html

As would be the meter, lying on Minkin — big time. The Chamber did not officially informed about emigration, and can not. It’s just not its function. "Meter" Minkin not only repeats the "distorted" the words of Sergei Stepashin, but also creative processes and the speech of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovskii. After all said, in fact, that the following: "Each year from Russia leaving more than 300 thousand Russians, of which about 40,000 — a permanent place of residence."

That is, leave all of the country‘s total of 40 thousand people. The other study, work, travel, but returned. Very similar data we receive and Goskomstat.…opulation/demo/demo42.htm

Just let in contrast to the "independent" journalists be honest. Where to go, where to "run" from the "bad" life in Russia its citizens? Of course, the same as in the "civilized world". So take a number, who left in the so-called "far abroad". After all, is not the same in Moldova and Georgia are leaving our countrymen.


It turns out that for 12 years, left the country of 605,380 people. And the tendency is that every year more and less.

Unfortunately SSC does not provide statistics for 2009 and 2010. But in 2008 he left Russia 39,508 people, including in the "far abroad" 13394 person. Do you believe that in 2009 and 2010 the country has tumbled down the flow of 1 million 200 thousand people, though., A year earlier left a little less than 40,000?

Step Three: Blackening of the country.

There are already quite randomly and independently connected "Novaya Gazeta".
After successful creation of the previous stage and the "legitimate" lies, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta says confidently:
"On an unprecedented flight from Russia at the end of zero for the first time a senior official spoke. Chairman of the Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin in January announced figure — in 2008 left the country of 1.25 million people are economically active population. And the outflow continues. Although Stepashin predictably did not speak about the reasons, the current wave of emigration unconditionally enter the list of pending developments "Putin’s eight-year stability. ‘"

Read the article "Novaya Gazeta". Paphos photos. The general tone of all lost, Russia, which we lost.

Now, remember what I said actually Stepashin?

Do you still believe the liberal media?

But for us the story of the lies and distortion, which is very often carried out fighters "for our freedom and yours", just an excuse to take a sober look at the situation with the departure of the Russian people who can bring her favor.

To sum up:

Beyond the borders of our country are working 1 million 250 thousand who have left over the past 20 or more years of Russian smart and talented people.
From the Russian brain drain continues. But judging by the declining numbers in the year (39 508 people in 2008), we can safely say that all the time scale emigration reduced.
You can also see clearly that ran the bulk of our wise heads in the period of "reform" and "liberalism" as effective managers and those same liberals have destroyed science and industry, and not at all in recent years.
Sergei Stepashin do not need to relax in the air of "Echo of Moscow" and carefully watch their words, each of which can be used against Russia in the information war.
Believe quoted by the liberal media, "independent journalists" can not in any case. Deceived, as rogues in the market weight wrong unsuspecting buyer.
Check everything yourself, think well on their own. The main testing tool — common sense.
You must love your country. Love will always know what is truth.

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