How do agents of influence

1. Regular Guy
A couple of years ago at a professional oil forum I met a middle-aged guy from Houston. He was no expert on the level of student troechnika, but very actively participated in the discussion of various issues. From talking on the forum revealed that he married an American, has no permanent job, temporary jobs interrupted.
Turning the pages of the forum, I found an interesting detail. Just discussed on the forum 260 different topics, but of these, 142 subjects were initiated thereby guy.
At first I thought it was a senior administration official forum, charged with its promotion. Just why look for such a person at the other end of the earth? I had to figure out which specific themes of interest. The results are shown below:

The main motive — Number of topics — Percentage of total

1. Negative information about the
Russia and Russian companies — 37 — 26.1
2. Corruption in Russia — 5 — 3.5
3. Acrimony — 10 — 7.05
4.Poisk information
of Russian companies — 27 — 19.0
5. Negative about Russian politics — 24 — 16.9
6. Internet and Websites — 10 — 7.05
7. Advertising — 4 — 2.8
8. Other — 2 — 17.6

Total — 142 — 100

Briefly explain the details. The predominant melody of his work has been negative information about Russia. And the crisis stronger than we, and the dollar will be 40 rubles, and there is no money for Gazprom to increase production. His thoughts at the guy was not, so he took all the negative outlook of the media and quickly thrown to the forum. It does not matter that the ruble has appreciated and the dollar to 40 rubles. we will never see. This he did not consider worthy of attention. A thrown timely information has already prompted someone to change rubles for depreciating dollars.
Malice is in the details. News photographers caught the surprised mine Miller, president chose Chernomyrdin Sports Federation — all this it is necessary to bring to the attention of oil companies.
He paid much attention to the political aspects, the range of his interests there was very broad and extended from Venezuela to Iran. Were not ignored and attention Turkmenistan gas pipeline "Nabucco". Did not like him cooperation between Russia and China.
Finally, in the "miscellaneous" were unimportant topics, from fellow students to find problems with the sciatic nerve. This naturally masked main interests, create the effect of edakogo superobschitelnogo Man.
All this running down and sniffing at first glance seems a perfectly innocent thing, so it is clear what they sometimes have to manage.
Six years ago, when the projected pipeline "Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean", all of our pro-American advisers excitedly tried to dissuade us. And oil, they say, not for its completion, and will be expensive, and generally futile. You have to understand that the United States absolutely do not want to supply our oil and gas going to the east. As long as we are connected to pipes only with Europe, it is possible to press us in this market, and American allies like before Ukraine are able to block the pipe or it blackmail. The hand on the tube may well keep Russia’s throat. But the project has progressed in spite of unnecessary advice.
Then the subject of the main attack was Transneft. Western investment company suddenly (4 times!) Lowered its estimate and spoke to the effect that Transneft is not at all an industrial company, and the agency for the collection of export duties. Lies, of course, but Transneft shares collapsed by almost a third.
At that moment I thought that the authors would come in handy some provocation corruption scandal Transneft. And — as the water looked. There were some actions that allegedly were not alienated by law, a criminal case, and prior to its authorization (it ended in nothing) shares of Transneft removed from trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange.
Do you think all this stuff? Not at all, no. Transneft was about the construction of the ESPO take out loans in the west, due to the strengthening of the ruble that was profitable. But no bank will give credit if the shares are just removed from trading on the stock exchange. I had to find the money somewhere else, but they eventually found. Then the fight went to the fifth "eco" column.
Remember, what a cry rose in the west of the immense damage that will cause the construction of the Baikal? As echoed his enthusiasm our bewildered foreign environmentalists, led by academics and professors?
Twenty years I’ve been doing it the oil and gas environment, corresponding member. MANEB in this specialty, honored ecologist Khanty-Mansiysk. Because with all the responsibility I can say no threat to Lake Baikal was not. They work well with us for decades underwater crossings of the Volga and Ob, the world is full of subsea pipelines, and no catastrophe happens. And then to Lake Baikal was 800 m, it is possible to build a protective dike that this issue completely closed. Because the solution You know who move the track to the north from a technical point of view, it was a serious mistake. However, in return he received the image of the "savior of Baikal" yes the possibility of further development of new yet dense areas. But Transneft that cost an extra $ 2 billion
Now I understand why our zabugornye "friends" as advocate openness of our projects, why are trying to restore information about them? That’s right, time to insert a spoke in the wheel.
But back to their agent. The point here was clear. To obtain U.S. citizenship, you have to live in the country 7-8 years. And without citizenship (if you’re not a genius) did not get a decent job. That comes to the ne’er-do-immigrant cute specialist of intelligence and say: we need to help your new home.
How can you refuse? And the American wife does not understand, and the work is really necessary. So he’s trying.
For fun, I hung all the above information on the forum. The result was stunning. It can be seen chickened agent that the owners thereof for such a slipshod job not pat on the head, it seems, got drunk to pig squeal, and 3 in the morning U.S. time barking at me as he could. For the month disappeared from the forum, and then reappeared. Not so clear, but it chirps. To see, to forgive him for his lack of experience.
Here you have the first sign of an agent of influence — as a rule, it is our former compatriot. Person is not smart, sensitive, but the executive.
2. Crowd scene
Suddenly exploded two years ago, international and Russian media the same news: Shale gas — this is our happiness and future! U.S. stocks opened nemerenye this gas, there are in Europe and Asia. Soon the whole world will enjoy this gas, and Gazprom will face hard times, almost bankrupt ….
Of course, the oil forum this topic has blossomed riotous thistles. There can be no rattle spoken and serious professionals from Canada, USA, England and the Netherlands. Again, our former compatriots. Suddenly they seem concerned about the fate of the poor and Russia have decided to instruct her on the right path.
However, oil and gas producers in Russia are strong, but not gullible. I’m also interested in this problem. Cost of production of shale gas is many times higher than the rich Russian gas supplies. So, it would not make sense to call us to his Western companies that they have earned. At that point we decided to do, and in the forum, and, later, in the government.
Then it turned out that American companies and specialists seriously manipulated their reports. In Poland, for two years to find shale gas and failed, France because of concerns over environmental law has banned its production. In the U.S., however, production is increasing because there are rich deposits already almost gone.
And then there was silence. Silent &quo
t;sounds wonderful songs," quietly moved out from the forum agitators professionals, and all returned to normal. Well, we could not cheat Russia, nothing, will try next time ….
This — the second sign of the agents of influence. They operate smoothly, under the guidance of the director. Wag the baton — and dozens of voices merge into a single choir for the interests of the owners.
3. Major specialist
Allow me to introduce Igor Kondrashov.
The administrator of the two communities, which, however, do not enjoy the success. Moderator six communities, including "Communism — the criminal formation" and "Russia without You know who. " Member of 39 communities, including «Back from the USSR» and «Back in the USSR».
Has another 282, of which 61 live outside Russia. Predominate: Ukraine. Israel, the U.S., Germany. Even a U.S. citizen Kasparov Kondrashov honored with his friendship.
Favorite TV shows: no Russian.
Favorite Movies: Russian no.
Favorite Books: Russian virtually none. Accidentally wormed children Strugatsky novel.
A great lover of travel. In recent years, traveled to the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Sweden and the Netherlands.
November 19, 2011, Mr. Kondrashov Gaydparke published in two of his articles and hung six of materials from other sources. Sleepless night, started in the morning, finished at 17 pm. It’s hard work.
Here let us look at what he writes to us.
The main motive (2011) — Number of topics — Percentage of total

Negative information about Russia — 223 — 45.7
Bark of power — 44 — 9
Bark personally You know who — 32 — 6.6
Support for NATO’s coup in Libya — 53 — 10.9
Preparation of the NATO coup in Syria — 22 — 4.5
The glorification of the U.S. — 37 — 7.6
Support Khodorkovsky — 7 — 1.4
Various — 70 — 14.3

Total — 488 — 100

Since the beginning of this year posted 488 I.Kondrashov same time, considering the last year of 734. In his "creativity" are found in two three-month break, I think, went to the United States and Europe for instructions. After the arrival of sharply increased subject of Libya and Syria, which directly points to the future plans of its owners.
In order to evaluate the content of published material, it is enough to give a few titles. Here they are:
"Russia — a very stupid and cruel country,"
"I think of all the Soviet people should gather together, locked in a shed, douse it with gasoline and set fire"
"The litmus test between normal humans and Neanderthals is the attitude to the U.S."
"The only chance to save the country is controlled externally. NATO occupation "
"Teaching that no Russian will not be fast."
Comment on these points I will not.
At first glance — the usual manners of a cannibalistic maniac, injured his mind to hate their country. But look how he consistently promotes the main objectives of U.S. policy: a change of Russian power, the destruction of the Russian state, bloody coups in the Arab countries. A well-run maniac.
This — the third and the main feature of an agent of influence. He does not have his thoughts and purposes, he is blind and deaf, because it is fully occupied by the decision of the tasks assigned to him. Even admit that he does it sincerely, the essence remains the same.
And what do we do with this fifth column?
Nothing. Fortunately for the hosts they have a great mind does not suffer, and believe that our people should they be naive to believe. Do not believe it. No popular this delirium does not use. It would be desirable, of course, at a meeting to spit in the face to such holuyu. But do not bother, it will wipe away. In the "future" of the conquered (or purchased) he expects Russia to place a large police force. That’s when he whistles whip, hear the cries of the people in the burning barns.
Enough agents to pull out the light of God and publicly demonstrate their essence. Naked in front of bare facts. Something like what I’m doing now. This is very useful because it shows that achieving their patrons.
They say the country must know its heroes. That is correct.
Add that the country should know and foreign lackeys.
Source: Alexander Khurshudov, Ph.D., corresponding member. MANEB

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