How to care for your nails

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Well-groomed nails — one of the best decorations of our hands. Even if you do not have time to visit the salon at least once a week, the nails should be given due consideration. Especially if you enjoy outdoor activities in the form of shock work in the country or trips to the nearby forest for a picnic. Get rid of stubborn land and return the nails well-groomed appearance is possible without much difficulty.

A few tips

  • Before you begin to nail polish, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, remove excess paint conditioner with vitamins.
  • After removing the varnish nails are shortened, and they are given the desired shape. If you have a broad palm, the best thing would look medium length nails and square shapes. The best option for all types of brush — oval nails. Cutting the nails, be sure to smooth the sharp edges of special abrasive sawing. Move it easily, without any pressure, only towards the middle, trying to grind smooth surface of the nail. File nails should be in one direction — then they will not be split.
  • To get rid of stubborn dirt, take a lemon, cut away the edge and dip your nails into the flesh. We reserve the juice on your nails for three minutes. Wash off — and get a perfectly clean nails. In a similar way you can solve the problem of yellowing nails, frequent smokers.
  • The hands are then dipped in a hot soapy water solution to the nail cuticle soaked and steamed. Length trays depends on the structure of the skin. Some women need 15 minutes, and the other skin is so soft and malleable that after 3-4 minutes you can handle hands.
  • Once the skin was soft, it rubbed nourishing cream, skin and nail with nail shaft is slid and removed with nail clippers. Excessive removal of skin at points of contact with the nail bed is unacceptable — nail this does not increase, but the wound can become inflamed and cause a loss of the nail.
  • Prepare the skin around the nail and gently removing the burrs with scissors, nail fold is treated with a cotton swab moistened with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and olive oil.
  • Now you can put on your nails and nail to complete the procedure, brushing his hands nourishing cream. If you have a heightened sensitivity to lacquer, or simply do not want to often cover the nail varnish, glitter nail polish can be enhanced by using lemon juice or wine vinegar, or polished nails to shine chamois …

To make your nails look healthy purchased, include in your diet plenty of foods containing vitamin A (cottage cheese, milk, liver, eggs, fish, nuts, carrots, spinach, pumpkin), and often eat the jelly from the juice of berries — cranberries, currants and t . etc.

The easiest and most affordable way to get rid of layering nails are baths with ocean or sea salts. Dissolve in a glass of warm water and a tablespoon of salt in it every day keep the tips of the fingers 15 to 20 minutes. Fragile and brittle nails pamper useful 1-2 times weekly bath of warm vegetable oil (ideally — olive). Add a few drops of vitamin A (available in pharmacies), 3 drops of iodine and 5 drops of lemon juice.


Today, popular European style, ie the nail plate is rectangular in shape. As for colors, the color of fashion is constantly changing. In the summer is extremely relevant color of ripe berries. And in the winter, offers a variety of pearl colors: pink, beige, steel. Incidentally, pearlescent lacquer Recommend applied in two layers, and any other items, regardless of color — three.

Very fashionable and effect foil andart painting: One ungual plate may be several colors. Those who prefer avant-garde style, can make use of decals that are applied tovarnish. Popular today and rhinestones — small shiny stones. Of course, on all the fingers they will look vulgar, but one — a quite original and even juicy.

One of the most elegant ways to decorate nails — French manicure. When the classic French manicure on nails applied foundation, allow it to dry and cover the natural color of the nail varnish. It is best to use a transparent varnish delicate shades. When the paint is dry, the tip of the nail is applied white lacquer, and then covered with white paint all of the free edge of the nail. Coverage is better to start from the right side edge, holding a brush in the middle of the nail, and then repeat the same thing on the left side. After drying, apply a layer ofwhole layer of pink nail polish with one or two layers, and finally cover the nail fixer.


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