How to care for your skin in summer


Preparing the sledge in summer, and in winter the cart — a good thing, but not always correct. For example, stuff for summer wardrobe can be purchased in advance, but the means to pick up summer skin care and hair care in January, something silly — why creams and other cosmetics six months to gather dust on the shelf? What am I doing? And the fact that now is the time to refresh your makeup bag — and yourself, your favorite.

Officially, the special "summer" make-do not seem to exist. In fact, the means we use to heat, are very different from those we use in the winter. Actually, the summer can be considered any cosmetics aimed at solving the problems of skin and hair, arising in the hot season. If we allocate something summertime, it is not likely to be cosmetic, and a sort of "old rules of behavior."

The main summer fun — the sun and the heat, turn into the main source of problems for youth and beauty. Judge: UV skin drying and aging in people with oily skin and clogged pores appear inflammation, many suffer from the appearance of freckles and age spots, hair fade and become like tow — the whole thing "hands" bright summer sun. The heat "flows" any make-up (from the carcass to the foundation), and instantly clogs the pores, hair quickly become stale-looking, stronger salyatsya, sweating increased, causing the skin is dehydrated is not less than the ultraviolet. Naturally, the question arises — what to do? Strategically, it's simple: clean, protect and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. From a tactical point of view, there are several rules.

Rule 1: clean

Need to do a ritual cleansing more gentle. If the foam — that delicate, sensitive skin. If tonic — it is not an alcoholic, but, for example, on the grass. If the scrub, then soft with fine abrasive particles and loose texture. If you have skin inflammation — are best used in an antiseptic "Miramistin" or chlorhexidine, they, unlike alcohol, do not dry the skin, which is especially important in summer. Cleansing mask, too, are easy — it's foams and mousses with extracts of cucumber or tea tree.

And try to touch the face of a smaller hands! In the summer our sweaty hands settles a lot more dirt and dust than in the winter, so bring an infection and trigger inflammation becomes easier.

Rule 2: Protect

Review your set of creams. All summer funds sunscreens must have components (usually indicated on the label) and advantageously be moisturizing and not nutrient. Now almost every cosmetic brand produces not only dense creams in jars, but also lighter in tubes, and quite gentle (so-called fluid) in vials with dropper. Light texture of the cream will help it better and faster absorbed and does not leave a greasy and heavy feeling on your face and sunglasses factors prevent premature aging. Pay special attention to eye cream, as the bright summer sun makes us constantly squint, that provokes the appearance of "crow's feet". For those who have not purchased sunglasses, a cream — just a necessity.

For those who want to have a summer-golden skin, but do not have the possibility to sunbathe, there was a wonderful escape: creams for the face, with a gradual effect of sunburn. They unlike avtobronzant, lungs have sunscreen effect and indeed operate gradually.

Rule 3: wet

Sign a water in a spray. It is not necessary to buy expensive proprietary tools with thermal water — a good bottle of mineral water from the nearest supermarket to cope with the task of moisturizing the skin just as good. You can just wet the cloth and occasionally apply it on the face, can be found on its shelf old bottle with spray and wash it, or buy an empty bottle of toilet water in the nearest kiosk, which sells spirits on tap.

This method allows you to moisturize the skin without damaging the make-up, and very refreshing in the heat efficiently. For the inhabitants of the office all day working on the computer in the conditioned space, this measure — just saved, by the way, as for those who are traveling by plane.

In addition to moisturizing the skin to tone up in the summer, and this is best done with ice, too out of the ordinary mineral water, green tea or herbal infusions.

Rule 4: facilitating

Change tactics makeup. In a little make-up in the first place should be easy, as, indeed, all summer. On the face should not be any surplus: minimalism in fashion. Easy Tone cream, and generally better without him (all cosmetologists are unanimous in saying that the minimal use of tonal resources prolong youthfulness of the skin). Try a moisturizer with a touch-tone effect — such release, such as "Vishy», «Lumene». Summer powder should also be dense. It makes sense to have a loose powder and apply it only in the morning, at the completion of make-up, and during the day to use special oil absorbing sheets that absorb excess sebum, and do not spoil the makeup. Replace it with a gloss lipstick, you can even menthol. This facility will provide a pleasant cooling effect. Can still try to dye eyelashes in a beauty salon — then you will not need mascara and you'll look fresh and natural, that is, for summer!

It is important that the "old" make-up should contain UV filters (for lipstick, foundation and powder that requirement required).

Rule 5: seize the moment

AndUse the summer to his advantage. Irina Muravevu with strawberry mask on his face in the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears" will remember everything. Here is an example of its use in the summer and is — when else in our latitudes, there is such an abundance of natural cosmetics. Fruits and vegetables perfectly complement the arsenal of skin care products. For example, grapes, zucchini and eggplant perfectly moisturize the skin, relieves irritation apricot, peach has a calming effect, diluted lemon juice whitens and tightens pores, rejuvenates cucumber, carrot helps acne, strawberries whiten (helping of freckles, age spots and even eczema) , raspberries, currants, cherries have a general healing effect on the skin.

Rule 6: consult a professional

Go to the beautician. It will help you choose a strategy of summer skin care, will pick up tools for professional cosmetics suitable for you, let you know what procedures in the summer to avoid.

For example, the removal of vascular network or asterisks, mesotherapy, facial cleansing, in year period conducted using a professional slang, "under sanbloki." Special tool reliably protects the skin from UV exposure should be applied immediately after the procedure and then again about a week. Then you can again enjoy the sun and hot weather.

But peeling, removal of moles and photo-epilation cosmetology Council postponed until the autumn.

Dolgireva Olga, dermakosmetolog doctor, medical center "Medestetik":

"In the summer time is not recommended to do all kinds of peels, except almond and gluconic, because the effects of sunlight on the skin after such a procedure can cause pigmentation, with the manifestations of which the client will have to fight for life. Also in the summer it is not necessary to remove moles, papillomas in open areas body, since it threatens the formation of keloids. Due pigmentation beauticians are advised not to make photo-epilation before traveling to tropical countries. Muscovy sun in this case is considered to be safe. "

Rule 7: take care of the hair

Shampoos, conditioners and styling products with SPF are now sold in any cosmetic shop, not to mention the hairdressers with their stands of professional cosmetics. Pick shampoo, moisturizing hair, and quietly enjoy the sun. Those who regularly paints hair, before the summer is to take care of tsvetosberegayuschem care: shampoo with special filters, intense balms and masks, preserving hair color.
Such tools are good to use at a time with a moisturizer. And do not forget about hats. Hats, scarves, caps — the most reliable protection not only from the sun's effect on the hair, but also from sunstroke.

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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